Trucking Roadside Assistance


Why is having commercial truck roadside assistance important? Getting stranded on the side of the road is expensive if you don’t have protection, which is devastating to your business. Protect your business with TAFS Emergency Roadside Assistance program (both tractor and trailer included). Don’t let a breakdown get in-between you and your business’s success. Your business shouldn’t suffer because of an emergency.


  • Towing Assistance – up to $500

  • Flat Tire Assistance

  • Tire Replacement Assistance – up to $100 per occurrence

  • Mobile Mechanic Service – up to $100 for service call

  • Oil, Fuel, and Water Delivery Service

  • Fuel Delivery Services – up to 30 gallons of fuel

  • Lockout/Replacement Key Services – up to $100

  • Battery Assistance – up to $100 per occurrence

  • Winching/Extrication Assistance – Within 50 feet of paved road

  • Truck Rental Assistance

In this line of business the objective is to keep your tractor trailer on the road. This is frequently challenged by the unexpected troubles. Although unexpected when they will hit we know at some point they will. There is no good excuse to not be properly protected with a roadside service plan. Some of the reliable emergency services that you can gain through a plan with TAFS include towing, tire repair and replacement, fuel delivery, even rental assistance and much more. Trucking roadside assistance can help avoid losing big money by longer than necessary down time and related expenses.

Why chance it on the road without roadside protection? Contact TAFS today so that we can help you secure a roadside plan to protect your and your business.


*Full terms and conditions of program available upon request


I also used TAFS Roadside Assistance in the past. Once my truck broke down 10 miles from the shop and Road Side Assistance came through. They were fast and I feel comfortable using it in an emergency. I stopped using Roadside Assistance for a while and then realized how much I needed it, in situations like this.

– William & Helena G., Owner/Operator

I also use TAFS Roadside Assistance for my business. Trucks breaking down can be unpredictable, once I had more than 3 trucks break down in one day. Luckily, I was able to call TAFS Roadside Assistance to help me out with two of the trucks that broke down right away, it was fast and a good benefit to have!

– Joe S., Owner/Operator