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When factoring, you want a company that is transparent and straightforward. We ensure transparent factoring by giving our clients 24/7 access to see all the information on their account. The TAFS Client Portal allows you to monitor invoices and run credit checks on your customers, ensuring you always know what is going on with your business.

Client Portal
  • View daily transactions – See which invoices were advanced on any given day and the breakdown of fees

  • View all of your outstanding invoices

  • View all of the collection notes for your invoices

  • View any invoice processed invoices, the associated paperwork, and the payments received from debtors

  • Monitor your list of customers

  • Monitor your reserves – Know if you have a negative balance or if you have reserves to be released

  • Reserves Report – View any short payments, overpayments, or chargebacks on your account

  • Dispute Report – View a list of any invoice that has any sort of issue and is holding up the debtor’s payment to TAFS

  • Purchase Summary Report – See all of the purchase invoices and what you’ve paid in fees


Free Credit Checks

Customers with bad credit can negatively impact your business. Don’t get dragged down by a customer you shouldn’t trust. Protect yourself by running a credit check BEFORE you do business. Access our credit check system through the Client Portal.


Load boards can be as different as the companies they supply. Before making a commitment to a load board, make sure you are getting the best service for your company. Verify it has a large selection of your preferred lanes and demand for your type of truck.

Additional Information on Load Boards