Invoice Factoring Advances

1-Hour and Weekend/Holiday Advances

Cashflow is key, especially for small business owners. The truth is that most companies can’t wait around and need immediate cash to keep their business in operation, they need working capital now. Well, waiting around for fuel money to get the next load on the road is a thing of the past! Don’t let those unpaid invoices continue to sit around when you could have that invoice value the same business day. If you don’t know how invoice factoring works, TAFS is an invoice factoring company with one of the fastest cash advance options in the industry, with 1-Hour*/Weekend/Holiday Advances. It is better to have a 1-Hour Advance option, and not need it than to need it, and not have it. TAFS helps clients out of tough situations 365 days a year through account receivable factoring services. We are able to get you paid fast on your invoice amount through a means of account receivable financing. Most factoring companies work standard office hours of 8-5, Monday-Friday. Not us. TAFS started out in trucking, and we know if trucking is 365 days year, your factoring company should be too. That is something to think about before signing a factoring contract with another company.

Speed is what sets us apart. Our standard advance option pays you the same day if submitted before the cutoff time. This is already faster than most factoring companies, not to mention a traditional bank. No more sitting at a truck stop waiting on fuel funds. No more delays between loads. No more waiting until the customer pays. Make your accounts receivable work for you. Get money for the value of the invoice upfront, plus all the benefits TAFS brings to the table.

Don’t sign a bad factoring agreement claiming non-recourse factoring that actually sticks you with additional charges and higher factoring fees. Don’t rack up your business credit card or pile up business loans either; do your due diligence and consider this: If you miss a cutoff time, no worries! We can get you 1-hour* advances until Midnight CT during the week. Need advanced invoice funding or holiday money? No problem! We can also get you advanced on Saturday and Sunday. Welcome to the TAFS difference!

You hear a lot of talk about factoring costs but have you heard about our factoring benefits? TAFS isn’t just a financing company, we’re the whole package from great factoring rates to benefits that will help your company grow such as the ability to see customer’s credit history before running for them and so much more. Imagine sitting at a truck stop on Friday evening looking for your next load and calling brokers. You find a great one that pays well and books it. It picks up that weekend. You look in your bank account to see how much fuel money you have, but there isn’t enough because you paid your monthly insurance payment the day before. You need funds to get that load and make money. What if your truck has sudden mechanical issues? Same issue. You need money fast. You need money on a weekend, or a holiday, or after 5 pm. We know situations like this happen thousands of times every day, and that is why we offer advance options that can get you paid on Friday night at 10 p.m., Saturday/Sunday afternoon, Christmas Day and Memorial Day. Imagine being able to do a free credit check on your customers, finding out the creditworthiness of your customers before you even haul for them. Knowing the credit risk of working with certain clients can help you avoid preventable trouble down the road. Don’t waste your time with bank loans with their high-interest rate and crummy payment terms. With TAFS you get a knowledgeable business partner that wants to see you succeed in the industry, not fold due to piles of outstanding invoices.

Advanced invoice funding technology makes getting paid even easier, because of our 24/7 Client Portal and Mobile App. You can quickly submit invoices to be paid right from your smart phone, with reporting and transparency to your entire account. Imagine dropping a load at a shipper, taking a picture of your Bill of Lading, submitting it to TAFS, and having your money within an hour… It happens every day as a TAFS client.

Legal Disclaimer: All advance times on approved invoices are approximate, can fluctuate and are not guaranteed. Some restrictions apply.

What Our Clients Say:

[1-Hour Advances] allows faster movement of my advances and keeps my trucks moving especially in the weekend! I really enjoyed having this service since TAFS implemented it.

– Natosha T., Owner/Operator

I love it [1 –Hour Advances], it works great – Very easy to get the money when you need it, especially for small companies like me; it works out great.

– Anthony M., Owner/Operator