Finally – An ELD That’s On Your Side.

Get Discounts When Working Through TAFS

It’s no easy feat finding an ELD device that serves your best
interests. Unlike other ELDs out there, GPSTab offers extensive
features that not only support truck drivers, but also your complete fleet operation needs.

As industry experts, we know that a single DOT violation can not
only cost your business thousands of dollars, but also place added
stress on your drivers. GPSTab partners with you to avoid these
unfortunate situations and keep your business running smoothly, and with
some amazing perks!

unlike other ELDs, GPSTab will not bind you into a 3-year commitment that’s full of hidden fees.

This system makes it easier than any other ELD to use the Adverse Conditions Exception. If a driver is stuck in traffic caused by a wreck or they’re waiting for a road to be plowed—they can add 2 hours to their HOS with the click of a button.

Split-sleeper is just as easy to use. If a driver is looking to use a sleeper berth to save their driving hours, You have insight into how many driving hours they have remaining if they were to use a split-sleeper berth. The unique “SSB” clocks allow businesses to maximize their hours of service, without having to worry about doing the math to calculate their hours.

Not to mention, Unlike other ELD providers, there is no charge for legal edits. Where other providers may charge $250 per month, businesses can now make legal edits for free.

  • ELD discounts through TAFS

  • Easy switch to GPSTab ELD: Service connectivity in just seconds

  • ELD Assurance: Have peace of mind with their 30-day / 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Run Multiple DOT #’s
    — Unify your different DOT authorities for maximum efficiency

  • Utilize personal conveyance to its full capability

  • Modify and control driver pick-up/delivery times
    — Exercise e-log flexibility

  • Maintain and audit your records

  • Control what is recorded & shown during inspection
    — Show only what is legally required to DOT officers

  • Onboard truck diagnostics

  • Dash cam capability

  • Load sharing capabilities

  • Open API integration for brokers