Invoice Factoring Rates

Compare More Than Just Rates

When deciding between factoring companies, comparing rates is not as important as actually reviewing the total factoring COSTS of selling your invoice. Per invoice fees, high aging fees, setup costs, minimums, etc. add to the cost of factoring.

If “John Trucker” has a $1,000 invoice and sells it to ABC Factoring at a 2% rate, you would expect to receive $980 for the invoice. But did he remember to ask about their fees before signing up? ABC Factoring charges a $5 invoice submission fee and a $15 invoice processing fee. Now he’ll only receive $960 for his invoice, turning that 2% rate into 4%. This does not include the same-day advance fee, setup costs, ELD transaction fees, or aging fees. Soon he will be running himself ragged simply to keep his business going. No one likes wasting money on hidden fees.

Don’t fall victim to the “teaser” rate. This rate typically only remains good if the invoice pays within a very short amount of time, then jumps up before your customer pays within their standard terms. The next time you are comparing factors, ask questions to find the TRUE COST of their program.

With TAFS, you work with a factoring partner who believes in keeping costs low and straightforward. We are transparent and up front with the true cost of factoring. Every day, we receive phone calls from actual clients like “John Trucker”, who signed with a factoring company because of a great rate, only to realize he was paying much more. TAFS can help. Plus, with TRUE rates as low as just 2.99%, the value is unavoidable.

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When I first started my company, I wanted to do everything myself. But I quickly realized I couldn’t run my business without a factoring company. Throughout the onboarding process, TAFS accommodated my needs and went above & beyond to make it work for me & my business to join. I’ve been with TAFS ever since. I’ve had factoring company after factoring company call me, and I always tell them “I’m staying with TAFS.” The other companies just don’t have the added benefits that TAFS does.

– Joseph S., Owner/Operator