TAFS 360° Benefits

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We know trucking. We understand what it takes to help your company grow.  We have a true consultant approach, and offer advantageous benefits to help you expand and maximize profits. Our goal is to be there for you in every step of the process, from passing you fleet sized discounts on expenses to finding loads and expanding your fleet. If you want your trucking company to grow, TAFS is the partner for you. We are your 360° trucking consultant.


I feel more at home with TAFS than I have at any company in the past. My friend and I used to partner together at another factoring company, and I just didn’t get the quality of service that I have at TAFS. When you own a trucking business, other companies call you all the time to factor with them, but after I ask them 1 – 2 questions they always answer that they can’t provide the same benefits that TAFS does, and I say “I’m ok where I’m at then.” I’ve had other friends who have worked with TAFS in the past leave to go to other factoring companies, but they always realize what they’re missing and want to come back. My other company, took forever to get back to me on any problem or question.

– NJoroge W., Owner/Operator