What Our Clients Are Saying

I’ve had the pleasure of working with TAFS for the last 7 years. I feel more at home with TAFS than I have at any other company in the past. My friend and I used to partner together at another factoring company and I just didn’t get the quality of service that I have at TAFS. When you own a trucking business, other companies call you all the time to factor with them. But after I ask them 1 – 2 questions they always answer that they can’t provide the same benefits that TAFS does. So I say, “I’m ok where I’m at then.” I’ve had other friends who have worked with TAFS in the past and  leave to go to other factoring companies. They always realize what they’re missing and want to come back. My other factoring company took forever to get back to me on any problem or question. At TAFS, I call my relationship specialist, Leslie, and she takes care of any problem I have on the same day. At TAFS, the people are friendly, services are great; there’s really no comparison. TAFS is one of the best.

– Njoroge W., Owner

TAFS is one of the best companies we have ever worked with. Over the years, we have gotten to know our TAFS Rep., Leslie, and she is so amazing. She treats you like family. These days you can’t get this kind of service at many places. If you’re looking for a factoring company who cares, they do.

– Heidi W., Owner

TAFS is one of the best.

I have been with TAFS for 8 years now and during that time TAFS has been a great ally in helping me achieve my company’s goals. Their customer-oriented approach, in combination with their programs and services, has significantly contributed to our progress. At the same time, I have established a great relationship with each of the representatives I get to work with. My current relationship specialist is always there to help get things done when needed. TAFS has my full loyalty.

– Gilberto, Owner/Operator

We’ve been working with TAFS for no less than three years and I am very pleased. Same day advances and great customer service! Our relationship specialist is very friendly, responsible, and professional with his work. Leadership is great and has come to visit us a couple of times and made us feel like family. I would not change a thing.

– Rosa B., Owner/Operator

If you are thinking about starting your own trucking company, or are already an established carrier, TAFS is the company to go with. You will not regret it. Everything a trucking company needs is right here. I mean everything from factoring services to insurance, business loans, truck sales, maintenance, and fuel discounts, it’s all right here.

– Sinhad, Owner

TAFS has always tried to stay ahead of the curve by offering things that other factoring companies do not. Over the years they’ve evolved into a well known industry leader and we are grateful to have been on the ride with them. The foundation of any successful company is its employees and TAFS is no exception. Our relationship specialist is truly a one-of-a-kind person and I would most definitely recommend working with her if given the opportunity.

– Mike K., Owner

We have at least 3 factoring companies call us weekly to offer their services to us. When we discuss their offering to us and share with them what we currently have, they regularly end the call by telling us that we have a good deal and that they can’t beat it.

– Mike W., Owner/Operator

I started with TAFS several years ago and it has been a good fit for my company. They have been more than a factoring company to me. My Relationship Specialist has been great to work with and has definitely worked with me through some problems that other factoring [companies] would have looked the other way. The credit department has definitely helped my company out on how TAFS can help our company expand, they are more than a factoring company and the best fit for us.

–Eric N., Owner/Operator

5-star rating all the way. We’re very thankful to TAFS for opening the doors to our success. We have not had one single issue that couldn’t be resolved. This is definitely a company that’s considered a business partner that provides you with the tools and knowledge to succeed and grow. We look forward to keeping them as our business partner for years to come. Thank you TAFS.

– Nestor D., Owner/Operator

Of all the factoring companies we made a great decision by choosing TAFS. Our Relationship Specialist takes care of our account and is always a joy to speak with. Even though we are a small trucking company he makes me feel as important as the big boy companies. They are absolutely the BEST in my opinion.

– Tracy U., Owner

The best factoring company I have used in the last 15 years, always there to help. They helped me get fuel cards and get my money the same day, and sometimes when I was past the cut off time. My Relationship Specialist is the BEST ever. She definitely goes out of her way and is very helpful with a lot of things that’s not even her concern. I would definitely recommend them to other trucking companies, which I have already done, Thanks for a job well done TAFS.

– David B., Owner/Operator

This is the BEST business decision I have made for my trucking company! My relationship specialist has been so helpful in my success with getting my invoices paid and keeping me on the road moving. I feel like TAFS is a part of my team, NOT a controlling partner. I recommend TAFS to all Owner/Operators I meet on the road and tell them how I am so satisfied with the way they help me run my business. No worries about unpaid invoices and collecting money. They take care of me so I can worry about driving!

–Todd N., Owner/Operator