Trucking Management Software (TMS)

Did you know that TAFS has partnerships with multiple industry leading TMS providers? These systems will prove to be a major asset to your business at any level but specializing in the tool sets required to drive our large scale logistics company clients.  TAFS is proud to offer our clients the ability to significantly reduce their workload and increase efficiency with their factoring experience through our preferred, and industry leading, TMS partners. As you know there are a lot of moving parts in place to keep your operation running smoothly. Our TMS providers allow logistics companies to automate these processes and in return are provided with valuable data to improve time and cost on future shipments.  Through a TMS integration, TAFS clients gain the ability to factor their invoices with a just few clicks. This allows clients to save hours of time that would normally be spent inputting data and submitting paperwork.

How a TMS can benefit your operation

  • Maximize Productivity

  • Dispatch Faster

  • Minimize Downtime

  • Detailed Reporting

  • Advanced Fleet Management 

  • Factor Invoices in Just a Few Clicks

Learn More About Our Preferred TMS Partners


Founded in 2010 located in Saint Louis, Missouri, DITAT designed a comprehensive and proven Transportation Management Platform to automate your logistics while improving accountability and performance. Today, this high-quality system seamlessly dispatches thousands of trucks.

McLeod Software

Since 1985, McLeod Software has provided powerful transportation management and trucking software solutions to the trucking industry. McLeod Software provides comprehensive, transportation and logistics ERP solutions. The company’s LoadMaster and PowerBroker products include CRM, dispatch operations, EDI, accounting, billing and settlements, carrier, driver and trip management, business process automation, visual workflow management, and document management systems, all specifically developed for trucking.

Turbo Dispatcher

Turbo Dispatcher (formerly Total Dispatcher) is a Transportation Management System (TMS) designed to streamline the operations of independent dispatch companies and trucking companies. Developed by JTAC Services Inc., Turbo Dispatcher specializes in aviation, logistics, and SaaS systems, building on over 26 years of experience in complex and demanding industries. JTAC understands logistics at a global level and aims to help build relationships while enhancing your brand.

Turbo Dispatcher offers a comprehensive suite of features aimed at enhancing efficiency and productivity in managing fleets, dispatching, and overall logistics. Key functionalities of Turbo Dispatcher include:

  • Dispatch Management: Automates and optimizes the assignment of loads to drivers, ensuring efficient route planning and minimizing downtime.
  • Fleet Management: Provides tools for tracking and maintaining vehicles, scheduling maintenance, and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.
  • Load Management: Enables users to manage loads from start to finish, including load planning, execution, and tracking.
  • Driver Management: Facilitates communication with drivers, monitors their performance, and ensures they have all necessary information and documentation.
  • Billing and Invoicing: Integrates financial management, allowing for accurate billing, invoicing, and payment tracking.

Turbo Dispatcher streamlines the workflow for dispatchers while providing small carriers access to driver and preventative maintenance management, ensuring a more efficient and productive operation.

Load Ops TMS

LoadOps by Optym is the smart, connected TMS, built specifically for truckload carriers. LoadOps integrates load boards, ELDs, market rates, maps, and accounting systems to create a one-stop shop so carriers can find the best loads, increase profits, and grow. LoadOps’ integration with TAFS means carriers can improve cash flow and save time by sending invoice details and supporting documents for factoring directly to TAFS without ever leaving the LoadOps TMS.

New to TMS?

Not to worry, we can help! If you are not familiar with the term TMS you may be wondering more precisely what it is. Well, TMS can stand for Trucking Management Software, Trucking Management Service, or Trucking Management System. One of the major benefits of a good TMS is that it will naturally help a business in reducing their overall shipping costs. By utilizing compiled data and analyzing each route, the costs related to that route can be optimized appropriately by generating user-oriented suggestions for improvement in areas such as fuel consumption or even driver overtime.

Being able to properly track and examine the overall operations by shifting a non-revenue generating staff position in to a revenue generating position is another major benefit of utilizing a TMS. For example, if a fleet has two people completing paperwork, but the TMS can reduce this to one, they can shift that person’s work hours to sales, dispatching or recruiting. If a dispatcher can move 15 trucks with a TMS instead of 10, with a fleet of 30 trucks, they can shift the work hours of one dispatcher to sales or recruiting.

Another major advantage of this technology is the ability to track where your drivers are with shipments. This allows for the assessments of route optimality and scheduling efficiency.This ability also provides massive safety benefits to your operation with Real-time tracking, especially in cases of accidents.

Are you tired of all the paperwork? No one likes the bulky amounts of paperwork required to keep a business running smoothly. However, automating accounts using a TMS will save time, money, and even the headache of it all by automatically compiling this data, properly labelling for easier identification and greatly reducing manual paperwork needed. This will save you big time on administration costs as well as providing great relief in the possibility of human error and incorrect billing or invoice errors.

With a quality TMS on your side, you can now effectively monitor the lifecycle of orders and shipments from start to finish in real-time. You are able to get valuable status updates on each as well. This ability offers you accurate control in planning inventory and improves the accountability of the entire network in place. Take advantage of this industry leading technology replacing the financial guessing game with data driven inventory control that will protect your bottom dollar.

Businesses today have a massive advantage through the ability of data centric reporting abilities. This is available for you as well through a quality Transportation Management System. By integrating your systems into a TMS you gain the ability of a dependable overview of your business allowing you to oversee the entire shipping process for multiple locations allowing for efficient and centralized insights and reporting all in one place without the need of multiple programs and databases.

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