Freight Broker Factoring


Small and medium-sized freight brokers everywhere are struggling to compete with the cut-throat rates and carrier programs offered by the few mega-brokers operating today. The biggest advantage these mega-brokers have over the smaller shops is their access to working capital. With TAFS freight factoring, expand your client base by giving your clients the quick pay options small business owners crave!

  • Let TAFS handle your accounts receivable so you can focus on the load boards

  • Design a custom Quickpay program that lets you set and keep rates, while you get carriers paid quickly.

  • Offer standard pay terms 7-14 days from receipt of paperwork.

  • Stop wasting time with mountains of paperwork and instead focus on finding new business and quality carriers.

  • Give your customers comfort in knowing the carriers hauling their freight are being well-taken care of.

  • Build business credit. Receive increased credit lines from factoring companies, allowing you to expand your carrier base.

  • Receive referral bonuses on your carriers that factor with TAFS.

  • Stop doing business with companies with a poor credit rating. Obtain in-depth free credit checks on your current and prospective customers.

  • Access to fuel cards


The industry is continuing to grow and there is a lot of competition out there these days for freight brokers. With around 18,000 registered freight brokers in the United States, you need to be operating efficiently and reliably to keep up with the bigger brokers and not to get left in the dust. Cash flow problems prove to continue being a major failure point for many brokers and trucking companies trying to make it in the commercial freight industry. This issue spans from the smaller owner-operator outfits to the larger companies. Did you know that factoring services are not just for carriers? In fact, we have been providing factoring services freight broker companies for years and truly understand the unique needs and insight brokers need to succeed in the industry. We understand that the cash flow hassle can be a make or break circumstance for your business. Shippers do not always have your best interest in mind and often pay out slower than you really need them to so that your business can keep going on the next job.

In recent years we have seen the growing trend of bankruptcies among registered freight brokers as they feel the squeeze on their finances from shippers that continue to slow pay. However, we know that number is often higher than reported as the smaller companies tend to just silently fade away without a word when they get to that point instead of dealing with the formalities of filing for bankruptcy or closing the business.

This is where TAFS comes in the picture. TAFS is able to turn your freight bills into the money now through invoice factoring, covering your company needs to stay on the path to success. Not only can you get paid fast but with all the perks that come along with working with TAFS can be a game-changer for you and your company.

They say hindsight is 20/20, what if you could know which customers are the right ones to work with and which to avoid, before learning the hard way. Well, you can have that very information at your fingertips to make life just that much easier. Through TAFS in-depth free credit checks you can now easily see which are the right customers to work with beforehand to avoid the painful regret.

Fuel is the largest expense in the business for carriers today. Being able to offer carriers up to a 50% advance on their fuel offers real value to them in their day to day operations and can easily make you stand out from the rest to keep those carriers happy and running loads.

Don’t get passed up by another carrier for one of the mega-brokers taking all the business. Take control of the situation and get the right team on your side to make the winning difference. With TAFS on your side, you have both the right strategic partners and lucrative benefits backing you up to show the carriers just what kind of competition you are bringing to the table.

Do you want your freight brokerage to grow? Use the right partner. Don’t fall for the hidden fees or the non-recourse factoring gimmick with other freight factoring companies. Contact a TAFS agent today to find out more about our factoring programs and get a free quote today. We are experts in the transportation industry and want you as a partner. Contact us today at (913) 393-6110.