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We assist new and established Canadian businesses improve cash flow, streamline operations and ensure they are paid for their work.

We are not merely a freight factoring service. We are your business partner. Our success is defined by the success of our trucking partners.

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Canadian trucking companies hire us for our premier freight factoring services. TAFS is your freight bill factoring partner and we advance payments to you quickly from credit-approved customers.

Our factored freight bill program provides you an account where you can view important details 24/7/365.

We provide trucking expertise to trucking companies around the country, excluding Quebec. No matter where you are, TAFS provides convenient, reliable, and fast freight factoring services.


Freight factoring is a way for truckers to be paid immediately for the work they did whether or not the shipper they are working for pays on time. TAFS is a freight bill factoring company that partners with truckers to advance the carrier for the purchased receivables. Successful trucking companies rely on freight factoring to avoid delays in receiving cash for fuel, maintenance and more.