Invoice Factoring in Canada

We assist new and established Canadian businesses to overcome cash flow problems, streamline operations and ensure they are paid for their work.

We are not merely a service that does accounts receivable invoice factoring in Canada; we are your business partner designed to assist with your financial business needs. Our success is defined by the success of our trucking partners.

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Canadian trucking companies hire us for our premier services in freight factoring for Canada. From small business owners and start-ups to full-scale operations, TAFS is your freight bill factoring partner that can get you working capital now for a simple factoring fee. We advance the invoice amount to you quickly and reliably from credit-approved customers.

Stop letting outstanding invoices pile up. You focus on getting the loads delivered and let TAFS handle the invoice financing. Our invoice factoring service gets money in your bank account now and provides you an account portal where you can view important details 24/7/365.

We provide trucking expertise to trucking companies around the country, excluding Quebec. No matter where you are, TAFS provides convenient, reliable, and fast freight factoring services.


Freight factoring is a way for truckers to be paid immediately for the work they did whether or not the shipper they are working for pays on time. TAFS is an invoice factoring company that partners with truckers to advance the carrier for the purchased receivables. Successful trucking companies rely on freight factoring to avoid delays in receiving cash for fuel, maintenance and more.

Canada’s economy depends heavily on fast and efficient freight transportation. The trucking industry remains a vital piece within the machine of the modern world. During transit, products may be transported by ship, rail, or even air, but on both sides of that transaction, there is a truck involved. In fact, statistics have shown that up to 90% of all consumer goods were shipped by trucks. The commercial trucking industry in Canada brings in close to $40 billion per year. This tells us that there is most definitely money to be made, but to be successful you will need a competitive edge.

Where a factoring service can help you come out ahead of the rest is by getting you paid fast so that you can stay a step ahead of your competition. Waiting for shippers to pay for the loads hauled 30-90 days can be a crippling factor to many businesses that require that money now to keep their operations in motion. As all business owners are aware, it takes money to make money. To keep your trucks on the road running loads comes with operational expenses that have to be paid now. From fuel, payroll, equipment upkeep, and much more, you need funds coming in promptly to make sure those expenses are covered. With a quicker turnaround on your company’s receivables, you will have the capital to keep your business on the road and moving when your competition may fall short financially.

The ability to properly maintain sufficient cash-flow is a make or break issue for a trucking company. TAFS is able to help your business grow by offering premier freight factoring services that can take care of those financial concerns. TAFS is able to a range of company types in Canada from carriers, brokers, and even pilot cars. Through TAFS you will gain access to our knowledgeable team of trucking experts that know the industry and want to see your business succeed.

Don’t fall for that “non-recourse factoring” jazz, If a factoring company claims to be non-recourse, meaning they want you to believe they will not collect from you if your customer does not pay the factoring company back, they are misleading you. This is actually only true if the customer files for bankruptcy during the time in which you submitted the invoice until they are supposed to pay the factoring company. This happens very rarely.