Refer. Reward. Repeat.

TAFS is proud to have one of the simplest Referral Ambassadors Programs in the industry. Unlike competing factors, at TAFS we only ask for an introduction, not a closed deal. All you need to do is to introduce businesses in need of working capital to TAFS. Our program is designed to allow our Ambassadors to strengthen their business while generating revenue.

TAFS Ambassadors are in a wide range of industries, including: Commercial Truck Insurance Agencies, Freight Dispatchers, Load Boards, Factoring Broker Agents, Setup Agencies, Non-Transportation Factoring Companies, CDL Driving Schools, TAFS Factoring Clients, Trucking Compliance Services, Trucking Associations and many more.

Social Media savvy? We have programs for you as well.

Set up is easy. Contact us at 913-971-1878 to learn how to start earning passive income from referrals today! This program is available throughout the US and Canada.

  • Unlimited and competitive commission for the life of the relationship.

  • Make your brand stronger by partnering with a nationally recognized factoring company.

  • Monthly commission payments.

  • Increase your clients’ loyalty by offering a wider range of benefits.

  • Receive marketing support from TAFS team of experts.

  • Transparency on status of referrals, and detailed commission reports.

  • Easy online submission of referrals.

  • Become a trusted TAFS partner, which would qualify your business for incoming referrals.


With this being our first attempt at a true referral program, we weren’t quite sure what to expect. The results have far exceeded our expectations. I would credit the success to the availability, open mindedness and true TEAM philosophy of TAFS – which allows for flexibility and growth. As we enter our 2nd year, we look forward to continued growth while adding our new startup company to the TAFS Partnership Network.  It’s an absolute no brainer and a win-win for everyone involved.

– Marty S.

I only work with other businesses that add value to trucking companies, no matter the product or price. From working with my customers, I have found factoring is a crucial part of their business. Some of my customers have been offered deals that seem amazing BUT we later find out there are so many hidden costs, it’s impossible to leave, and the service is very poor. TAFS has helped my customers get out of bad deals and given them the knowledge to make a good decision with factoring. Not many people understand factoring so that is very important to me. You guys are all genuine, good people that care… that’s hard to find.

What I like best about working with TAFS is how their sales staff treats my customers. My customers get phone calls all day long and it is stressful. The sales staff at TAFS does not cut corners or hide anything from my customers. TAFS is always finding new ways to better serve their customers. They are very proactive in finding new programs to help the customer. The benefits of doing business with TAFS gets bigger and bigger every year. They take the time to create win-win relationships with my customers. I like knowing that I can count on TAFS to add value to my customers business. Even if it is a one unit owner operator or someone new to owning a business. They take the time to do the job right!

– Ben H.