Trucking Business Loans To Help You Succeed

Business Loans For Those Emergency Situations

There are a lot of ways to get money for your business needs like short term loans, unsecured sba loans, or putting your real estate investment at risk with a second mortgage. There are better routes that you should explore first. Did you know that TAFS offers more than invoice factoring? You can also get trucking business loans tailored to the needs of small business owners without going the route of maxing out all your business credit card, putting your good credit on the line. Do you own a trucking company and looking to expand? Maybe you are needing to repair or upgrade your equipment. There are many things that come up while running a successful business that requires additional business capital. Getting a traditional working capital loan to further your business plan can be a major ordeal and even a huge headache for many companies in the industry. TAFS is set aside from a typical banking institution in the fact that we deal directly with trucking companies instead of dabbling in all facets of businesses. This provides a unique and personal relationship with those inside the trucking industry that a typical bank does not. Before you go applying with multiple traditional banks for lines of credit on your business credit and or personal credit, consider the business loan options through TAFS. TAFS knows the unique needs of trucking companies to stay on the path of success and are able to address those needs in a much more strategic manner.

Types of Commercial Truck Loans

The need for a business loan credit line, or more specifically, commercial trucking loans are not bad or something to fear as a business owner. Actually, the good news is that this means your business is growing. Driving a semi-truck can make it hard to juggle office work. Taking advantage of a business line of credit can aid you in getting your operations expanded sooner rather than later allowing your annual revenue to increase moving forward.


Keep your trucks on the road! Diesel fuel is a major expense in the trucking industry. Don’t get stopped dead in your tracks. A small business loan can literally keep your business moving.


Good equipment is only half the battle in trucking, you also need competent drivers to get your equipment from point A to point B. Get the loan amount and funding options you need to get your payroll out on time.


A dependable business needs dependable equipment. Don’t put off the repairs on your truck or trailer get a term loan to keep them running strong. Time to upgrade? explore our business financing and equipment loans.


Prepayment or down payments for trucking insurance is pricey, we understand. Stay covered with a small business loan from TAFS.

From fuel bills, payroll, truck and trailer repair, insurance, registration, or even a down payment for equipment financing, or a number of other business expenses. TAFS can help with a small business loan to get your business running and growing. Let’s face it, sometimes life likes to throw us a curveball our way that requires some extra money. We have all been there. Instead of clearing out your checking account, or maxing out credit cards, there is another option that many smart business owners take advantage of every day: a small business loan through TAFS.

A small business loan is a great way to get passed an unexpected situation or to expand your business to that next level. As always, TAFS is here to help. Contact us today to find out more about our small business loans and how they can benefit your business.

How to Apply for a Loan

The application process for a business loan through TAFS is easy! Simply visit our site and fill out the form and the process is started. Our team will then reach out to figure out what type of loan will best benefit your needs and discuss the specifics including loan terms and repayment terms such as monthly or weekly payments amount. Don’t let surprise expenses bleed your business dry. Plug your cash flow holes with business loans. TAFS clients can get help with tractor/trailer financing, fuel advances, roadside assistance financing, tire loans, and maintenance loans. TAFS has the capital solutions to help grow your business

  • Fast Approval – Advances as fast as 24 hours after documents are signed

  • Competitive rates

  • Quicker closing process

  • Automatic payment options


TAFS has saved my butt a couple times, when I was in need of help with my business. For example, I was stuck in Florida when my Truck transmission went out, and TAFS came through for me with a same day loan to help me get back on the road. The loan process is by far the best benefit I use at TAFS. I would recommend TAFS to any of my friends in the trucking business.

– Harold S., Owner/Operator

TAFS business loans have helped us keep a steady cash flow and expand our business. Leslie advises us on what benefits will help our company and now we are planning on using TAFS pro dispatch to increase our cash flow. We plan on staying with TAFS and would definitely recommend them as a factoring partner for anyone starting their own trucking company.

– Alejandra & Cristian M., Owner/Operator