Delivering An Exceptional Client Experience.

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TAFS creates an exceptional client experience by personalizing our customer service. No more call banks! The customer service team will be able to assist with questions whenever you need help. You will have a true relationship with a knowledgeable professional that cares about your business.

Our team is as diverse as our clientele; we offer multilingual factoring. Our team members speak a variety of languages: English, Spanish, Russian, and more!

Many companies may say they care about building strong relationships with their clients, but turn around and use machines to field client calls. Punching numbers in a call queue is vastly different from engaging with a person. A person offers empathy, passion, and creativity. A person cares about your business. At TAFS, we provide you with a person, not a machine.

A business is only as good as its people. It did not matter that they were not discussing business. Bob needed help and Angela was there for him. From this experience, they were able to build a trusting business foundation. Bob knows that Angela will not let him down because she is there to help him in every situation. This is what it means to TAFS when we say use the words, “strong relationships” with our clients. Welcome to the TAFS difference.