Five Must Have Trucking Technology Picks

The tech market is booming and is always coming out with great new products making life more convenient. Here are five  must have items you will want to get your hands on that are bringing the trucking industry into the future:

Camera Monitor System (CMS)

Driver visibility is undoubtedly a huge concern for anyone on the road, but more specifically for professional drivers operating much larger equipment with additional hurdles from the average vehicle. One way modern technology has aimed to improve on this front is by replacing the standard side mirrors on a truck with high definition cameras. Thanks to Stoneridge this dream is now a reality with their new product, MirrorEye. Believe it or not, this product is real and is currently the only one of its kind to be federally approved by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) allowing for the complete removal of the standard side mirrors. But not to worry, it doesn’t sound like you’ll miss them with the benefits this technology has to offer. For starts, there is the ability to remove the visual obstruction caused by the side mirrors as this system will actually increase your range of view compared to that given by the mirrors. Other features include enhanced vision modes for daytime, dusk, and night driving making sure the monitors do not overpower your view. The cameras are also equipped with internal heaters to keep the camera free from frost and ice in addition to combating the troubles of rain covered and fogged up glass that you get with standard mirrors; and with an operating temperature range from approximately -40 to 176 degrees you will be in good condition for driving in most any climate. Plus, the estimated 2.5 percent in fuel savings from increased aerodynamics gained by removing the mirrors is not a bad touch either.

Navigation with Dash Cam

Here is a two for one deal to get your hands on! A solid and reliable GPS unit is a no brainer in the trucking industry, and these days a dash cam is right up there with it. When things go wrong, they tend to do so quickly, a dash cam is an excellent addition to the tool kit of any professional driver and/or fleet owner. Actually, data has shown that more and more trucks on the road today are having dash cams installed due to the various benefits such as potentially lower insurance rates, reducing false claims from other motorists, speeding up the processing of insurance claims and more. Like everything in the tech market these items come in all shapes, sizes and price range but thanks to Garmin, they have given us the best of both worlds with the Garmin DezlCam. The DezelCam comes equipped with a powerful navigation system specially tailored to the needs of truck drivers. Saving space and additional money there is a powerful dash cam integrated into this unit with some pretty great features of its own with the ability to adjust the aim of the lens, remove the unit to snap photographs of vehicle damage and even place a GPS overlay with the footage to show the exact location of an accident captured with the dash cam.

Electronic Logging Device (ELD)

If you drive a truck that is newer than 1999, you should already know about this one but Electronic Logging Devices do have a lot to offer to your toolkit as well. Some love them, some people hate them, but there is no denying that having one does reduce the administrative work required by the driver. You can also potentially lower your insurance costs by having one installed as well. As is the case with most tech devices, there is far from only one to choose from.

Truck Wings

Does your truck have wings? Well, you might want to get some after you read this. This product won’t get you in the air but it will keep you moving down the road with substantially less drag; making major impacts in your fuel costs. Truck Wings by Xstream Trucking is an innovative new cab-to-trailer product that closes the gap between the two removing the dead space and improving overall aerodynamics. Doing this will also improve your fuel economy up to a reported 4 percent. But how can you turn the truck with the flaps in the way? Well, they thought of that too. This system is actually automatic and will deploy itself into position when you get up to speed (about 40mph) and will retract at low speeds and for turns.