The Best Trucking Podcasts [Updated 2020]

They say the best things in life are free. Although that might not always be the case there IS one free resource you might be missing out on: Podcasts! Great podcasts are a must-have staple for any truck driver on the road. On topics ranging from driver safety to humorous trucker commentary, this digital audio companion comes in handy when there’s a stretch of miles ahead of you, long hours and the scenery isn’t a great source of entertainment. Check out our top list of podcasts that will keep you interested and informed on your next long trip!

  • Ask the Trucker LIVE

    Hosted by Allen Smith is an essential podcast to keep you posted on the leading issues in trucking. Considered one of the top names in the industry, Allen Smith gives valuable insight on driver health, regulations and financial advice. Tune in on your next drive and learn new ways to advance your trucking career.

  • Trucking Podcast

    Trucking Podcast is the perfect solution to satisfy your inner grease monkey! Father and Son team, Buck and Don (Co-host), cover a wide range of topics from “anything automotive” to navigating your career effectively. With their focus being “any topic that interests truckers & guys in general” you’ll be sure to get your automotive fix and learn something new!

  • Women in Trucking podcast

    In a male-dominated industry, it’s refreshing to find a podcast that focuses solely on issues that affect women in the industry. Ignite your inner feminist and tune into Women in Trucking podcast to hear inspiring stories of female leadership in trucking and helpful tips to succeed in your career. With fun topic titles such as “2 Babes talk Supply Chains,” this is a must-have resource for all female drivers!

  • Alice isn’t dead

    Stuck in a two-hour traffic jam and need a distraction? Briefly escape from reality with the serial fiction podcast Alice isn’t dead. Follow the story of a truck driver who drives across the United States searching for his missing wife. With its intense storyline and unexpected twists, you’ll barely notice the bumper to bumper parking lot traffic while you follow the suspenseful tale to the end.

  • Trucker Dump

    If you are in need of a good laugh, Trucker Dump is your go-to podcast. With humorous topics like “Stupid Rules that Truckers Tolerate”, Trucker Dump offers a hilarious insight on anything and everything in the trucking industry. It’s ridiculous but relatable stories will keep you hooked for countless miles and long hours.

Although these podcasts playlist might not be as essential as your daily cup of Joe, it is sure to keep you awake and entertained on your next journey. Keep us posted on what podcasts you find the most binge-worthy. Not sure where to start? Check out the instructions on how to download a podcast on your Android or iPhone!