Why APU Powered Trucks Are Worth The Investment

Why APU Powered Trucks

Are Worth the Investment

Your truck is the heartbeat of your company, don’t press pause on your profit by choosing the wrong fit for your company’s rig. Purchasing an APU-powered truck is an easy decision when it comes to quality. However, once you factor in the cost as an owner-operator, it can leave you asking yourself “Is it worth the investment?” We did the research for you. Check out the top reasons an APU powered truck will be the best equipment decision you make all year.

Save Thousands in Fuel Costs

Picture this, you are hauling a load cross-country and after a 7-hour shift, you pull into a truck-stop to rest. After you find a spot and set your parking brake, you take a much-needed nap. Even though you are not on the road, every minute that passes, your fuel cost is rising higher and higher. If you are driving a full-size diesel truck instead of one with an APU engine, you can plan on using 72% more fuel to cool your cab and sleeper and if it’s in the winter months, your operation costs will rise even higher, using 88% more fuel than a truck with an APU. Don’t drain your cash flow!  By choosing an APU powered rig, it conserves power using just over a pint of fuel per hour at your next rest break. Bulk Transporter reports that at a fuel cost of $1.54 per gallon, a truck owner can save $3,285 per year on fuel costs driving an APU-powered truck.

Avoid Idling Fines

In light of authorities cracking down on idling regulations, being hit with a 1,000 fine for five minutes of idling, is a cost that no owner-operator can afford. Besides the risk of a fine, long-haul truck idling is taking away from your company’s profit by wasting fuel. Switching to an APU powered tractor, you eliminate the need to idle which will keep you above the law and below your fuel budget. Check out the cost of idling below and see how much you can save:

Reduce Maintenance Costs 

It’s a no-brainer that having a preventative maintenance schedule is essential to keeping your fleet running efficiently and legally over the road. But what if there was a way to extend your service intervals so you can spend more time on the road and less time (and money) in the shop? Because the APU is integrated with the truck’s operating system it can run almost every device under the hood. This multi-functionality feature decreases the overuse of other components like the HVAC system and can extend the life of your engine. You can call the APU the MVP of the truck’s operating system, reducing the wear and tear on your other parts and in return reducing the time you spend on maintenance and repairs.

Owning a trucking company presents you with a number of important decisions to make, from choosing the right trucking insurance to negotiating freight. This is one decision that can be easy for owner-operators. By investing in quality equipment like an APU -powered truck you are investing in your business’ future. Need help with financing? There are number of ways, such as equipment financing to expand or upgrade your fleet. Choose APU to fuel your company’s success this year!

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