The Future of Trucking Technology

Two things in the world that don’t appear to be going anywhere anytime soon: Trucking and Technology. In fact, the two have both come a LONG ways within our lifetime and never seem to stop growing. There are a lot of ways that we are seeing the lines between trucking and technology blend and compliment one another as new technology enters the realm of the trucking industry.

In this article we are going to explore the exciting future of technology in trucking!

New Technology in the Trucking Industry

Wondering how trucking operations can be improved by technology? The tech market is booming and is always coming out with great new products making life more convenient. Let’s take a quick look at some of the recent advancements in trucking technology being used in the industry that you should implement into your trucking company:

We are not quite there yet but nonetheless hearing a lot of buzz around artificial intelligence and autonomous vehicles even autonomous trucks also known as self-driving trucks! These systems are able to handle everything from navigating traffic, braking, This has put a lot of fear within some owner operators while other truckers find it to be a cool advancement.

If you drive a truck that is newer than 1999, you should already know about this one but Electronic Logging Devices do have a lot to offer to your toolkit as well. Some love them, some people hate them, but there is no denying that having one does reduce the administrative work required by the driver. You can also potentially lower your insurance costs by having one installed as well. As is the case with most tech devices, there is far from only one to choose from.

The camera monitoring systems are pretty sweet if you have not had the chance to check them out. This places the camera in addition to or even fully replacing your side mirrors which feed into interior monitors. These setups have been able to greatly reduce or even fully do away with blind spots for truck drivers. A less thought about issue: it has been an amazing fix for rain or ice covered mirrors. With the high definition displays replacing your mirrors this issue is no more!

How Trucking Companies Can Utilize Trucking Technology

Technology is getting more readily available all the time and past that, easier to install on your semi-truck!

Even existing technology is coming a long way. GPS systems have been in use for some time now but comparing the systems of today to the systems that first came out can be quite shocking. It is funny to think back at how impressed we were at the first GPS units being able to track us in real-time, yet if someone handed us one of those today we would feel doomed. We are also seeing computer systems being integrated into the trucks mechanical systems more than ever before able to help with fleet management and more. Many of these units have now integrated dash cams and a management system such as ELD software to handle the tracking of a driver’s hours of service and much more. This has made a massive impact on the back office work that used to be required in downtime that can now be used to rest. Imagine how we will view the technology of today 20 years from now….

Other technological advancements have been made within the United States transportation industry in regards to wind resistance. Believe it or not, poor aerodynamics cost a ton of money in excess fuel. There is a fantastic device out now such as Truck Wings, that helps correct that issue resulting in a rather dramatic savings through fuel efficiency. Up to 4% which may not sound like a lot but when you drive for a living that amount can sure add up quickly!

There is a fair amount of quality technological advances that are now considered mainstream that you may still not be taking advantage of. Have you heard the buzz about APUs? They can make a huge impact on your bottom dollar and help you abide by idle laws while still remaining comfortable sleeping in your truck.

You dont think technology is only digital screens and computers do you? There are some other great advances that will help keep you informed and entertained while on those long hauls. Podcasts are one of those. The possibilities are endless in the world of podcasts these days. Pop one on and enjoy while you drive!

Freight platform apps have become another backbone within the industry that can prove to be some of your most valuable tools packed into the confines of your cell phone. Look here to see a few of the awesome trucking apps out there that could make your life easier.

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