TAFS provides an exceptional client experience through strong relationships, speed of funding, and advantageous benefits.At TAFS, our mission is to provide an unparalleled level of service to our diverse clientele by delivering an exceptional client experience and advantageous benefits. Find out how our customers profit from a partnership with TAFS.

Jessica Kyles : Consistency is Key

Jessica Kyles Consistency is Key The first thing that you notice about Jessica Kyles is her smile. The second thing you notice after about five minutes of talking to Jessica is how passionate she is about her job. After almost three years of working at TAFS, Jessica has proved [...]

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Chad Govier – Beyond the Steering Wheel

Chad Govier Beyond the Steering Wheel Following in your father’s footsteps is something few people choose to do. But, for Chad Govier, his father’s career as a flatbed trucker led to his passion for the industry and a satisfying career. Chad became a truck driver himself and eventually took his career [...]

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More than Freight Factoring

More than Freight Factoring It is widely known that you should not mix family with business. But what about when business becomes family? TAFS offers more than simple freight factoring. We have team members who get involved and take an interest in you and your business. TAFS Relationship Specialist, [...]

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Passion for Trucking

Passion for Trucking When you find an industry you love, you stick with it. Sabina is a TAFS Senior Sales Account Manager who became involved in the trucking industry 17 years ago. “I don’t ever plan on leaving it,” she says. Her résumé includes dispatching, financing trucks, insuring trucking [...]

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America Runs on Trucking

America Runs on Trucking The trucking industry is the heart of modern America and truck drivers are the life’s-blood keeping America going. Truck drivers, like you, traverse every corner of the continent, hauling everything from oil to toothpaste. You supply hospitals with medicine. You deliver produce to grocery stores. [...]

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