1-Hour and Weekend Funding

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Waiting is a thing of the past! Our standard funding option pays you the same day if submitted before the cutoff time. This is already faster than most other factoring companies. And we can fund even faster! 1-Hour Funding could save your business time and money. No more sitting at a truck stop waiting on fuel funds. No more delays between loads.

If you miss a cutoff time, no worries! We can get you 1-hour funding up until Midnight CT during the week. Need weekend funding? No problem! We can also get you funded on Saturday and Sunday. Trucking is a 365-day business. Your factoring company should be too. Welcome to the TAFS difference!

Legal Disclaimer: All funding times on approved invoices are approximate and can fluctuate. Restrictions apply.


[1-Hour Funding] allows faster movement of my funds and keeps my trucks moving especially in the weekend! I really enjoyed having this service since TAFS implemented it.

– Natosha T., Owner/Operator

I love it [1 –Hour Funding], it works great – Very easy to get the money when you need it especially for small companies like me it works out great pay your bills faster than your drivers.

– Anthony M., Owner/Operator