Frequently Asked Questions – TAFS Rate Confirmation Policy


Q: I have been working with TAFS for a long period and they have never requested the agreement between my company and my customer. Do I need to comply?
A: Yes, going forward TAFS will require a rate agreement on all invoices.

Q: I have been working with the same customer(s) for years and have never had any payment issues. Do I still need a master rate agreement and/or rate sheet on file?
A: Yes.

Q: What if my rates are constantly changing?
A: You are responsible for sending updated rate agreements to TAFS. TAFS will update your account with new rates.

Q: I’m not a traditional trucking company. Do I still need to comply?
A: Yes. This policy applies to all company types.

Q: I occasionally provide services to customers that do not provide a rate/order sheet. Do I still need to get one?
A: Yes. All invoices will require a rate agreement.

Q: My customer provides access to an online vendor portal. Do I still need a rate/order sheet when submitting invoices to TAFS?
A: Not necessarily. If TAFS has access to this portal, we can review to utilize this portal in place of a rate agreement.

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As of September 11, 2018