Posting Your Truck to a Load Board

There is more than one way to get freight from a load board. If you do not have the time to manually search but still want to know how to get trucking contracts, you can post your truck to a load board instead. Let the brokers find you.

List Your Specific Load Criteria

When posting to a load board, make sure to be specific about what you are offering and what you want. Brokers will use this information to match you to their available freight.

  • Your company name and contact information

  • Truck Type – Dry Van, Refrigerated, Flatbed, etc.

  • Date Your Truck is Available

  • Desired pick-up location

  • Desired drop-off location (if any)

  • Load Type – Full or Partial

  • Trailer Length (or are your Power Only)

  • Weight your legally able to haul

Broker Contacts You about Available Loads

If a broker is interested in your truck, they will contact you about their available load. Be aware that the broker will most likely offer you a low rate. Do not be afraid to negotiate.  In addition, do your research before accepting anything. Watch out for broker scams.Once the load is negotiated, be sure to get everything in writing. Brokers are not obligated to pay you if you do not have signed paperwork.

Posting your truck to a load board can be convenient; the brokers come to you instead of the other way around. However, when negotiating rates, you still need to know your lane trends. Be aware of average spot market rates to ensure you are getting a good deal. In addition, take steps to avoid scams by running credit checks on the broker and shipper. Posting to a load board is a great tool, but make sure you take the necessary precautions.