Must Know Trucker Slang

Okay, admit it, ever since shows Smokey and the Bandit you have wanted to be able to throw around some of that cool trucker lingo like a pro in your trucking company. The trucker slang we are talking about here is commonly used over a CB or citizens band radio. If you are a working truck driver then you might actually want to study some of the CB lingo or CB slang so you are ready to respond to the radio chatter. Here we will be taking a deeper look at some of the classic must know trucker slang that you might hear come across that old CB radio as an easy reference to list out common phrases or “lingo” used throughout the trucking industry.

Common Trucker Lingo

Front door In front of you
10-4 Okay / Message received
Alligator or Gator A piece of tire on the road
Back it Down Slow down
Bear Police Officer
DOT Department of Transportation
Bear in the Air Aircraft enforcement of the speed limit is in the area
Deadhead Pulling an empty trailer
Hammer down Put the pedal to the metal
Parking Lot A truck hauling cars
Wagon A truck hauling cars
Chicken coup Weigh station
Go-go juice Diesel fuel
Reefer A refrigerated van trailer
Skateboard Flatbed trailer
Travel agent Dispatcher
Hundred-mile coffee strong coffee
Comic book Logbook
Rambo Someone who talks tough on the radio, especially when no one else knows where they are
Wrecker Tow truck
Georgia overdrive Putting the transmission into neutral on a downgrade, to go extremely fast.
Yard-stick mile marker
Motion lotion Diesel fuel
Salt shaker a truck that salts highways
Back Door Watch out behind you / Police behind you
Cash register A tollbooth
Kodak Police officer or law enforcement officer with a radar gun or radar detector. From the show Kojak.
Chicken Lights Orange running lights around truck and trailer
Roller skate Any Small Car
Four Wheeler Car
Pickle park A rest area or truck stop
Wiggle wagon A truck with multiple trailers connected to each other
Anteater Kenworth T-600 model truck
Base Station CB Radio installed at a fixed location such as a house
Bobtail Tractor driving without a trailer
County Mountie Sheriff
Gumball machine The lights on top of a patrol car
Flip-flop Refers to a U-turn, or a return trip

CB Radio “10-Codes”

10-1 Bad Signal / I can’t hear you well
10-2 Good Signal / I can hear you well
10-3 Stop talking on the radio (aka shut up)
10-4 Okay / Message received
10-6 Busy/Hold on
10-9 Repeat message
10-10 Transmission completed (I’m done talking)
10-13 Weather/road conditions
10-17 Urgent business
10-20 Where are you?
10-27 I’m switching to channel [insert channel]
10-33 Emergency traffic at this station
10-38 Ambulance needed at [your location]
10-45 All units within range please report
10-62 Use phone instead of CB
10-99 Mission complete
10-100 Bathroom stop
10-200 Police needed at [your location]

Names For Cities

Kansas City, Missouri Bright Lights
Wichita, Kansas Air Capital
Atlanta, Georgia The Big A
San Antonio, Texas The Alamo
New York City The Apple
Boston, Mass. Bean Town
Council Bluffs, Iowa CB Town
Baltimore, Maryland Charm City
Los Angeles, California Shaky City
Milwaukee, Wisconsin Beer City
New Orleans, Louisiana Mardi Gras
Detroit, Michigan Motor City
Buffalo, New York The Nickel
Akron, Ohio The Rubber
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma Okie City
Tampa, Florida Cigar City

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