20 Health Tips for Truck Drivers

Health for truck drivers is a big deal that too often gets overlooked. With the majority of the options available to CDL drivers being that of fast food and truck stop options, an abundance of calories on a daily basis. Worse than the overload of fat and calorie intake is the fact that drivers get minimal exercise as their job requires sitting in one place for long periods of time offering little option to work off even a fraction of their intake. For these reasons we see a large number of drivers struggling to obtain better health and dealing with chronic issues regarding blood pressure and blood sugar in addition to many other factors. Here we will be taking a closer look at how you can still implement some good health choices and an overall healthy lifestyle while on the road with these truck driver health tips.

How to Eat Healthy While on the Road

Avoid Fast Food

Fast food in one form or another is the most abundant option while truckers are on the road. As much as possible you should strive to avoid fast food meals and replace them with better food choices. There are healthy food options in truck stops, and many are trying to stock better options because of the demand.

Food Storage

Depending on your particular truck, most units these days are able to house a personal refrigerator in the truck that you can stock up with meals and snacks such as fresh fruit, veggies, whole grain bread and more. If your truck does not have this option you can still prep some healthy food options in a cooler. Make stops at a grocery store every week or so to keep it fresh.

Meal Planning

By planning your meals you can make sure that you are prepped for a healthy diet and don’t get trapped with only junk food options at your meal times. Keeping up with this can cause healthy habits to stick around long term.

Portion Size

Aside from what you eat, the next big factor is how much you eat. Keep track of how much you are eating. Tracking your calories and overall intake will be a huge help in keeping yourself on track with your health goals.


While snacking can be a big part of the overeating factor we know we are going to do it so we might as well plan accordingly. Actually we can make our snacking work in our favor with smaller portions and healthy snacks in between we can maintain a fullness level that will combat the normal food cravings and obesity.

The Best Workouts and Stretches for Truck Drivers

Knee Highs

Knee highs are a great physical activity option for truckers that are quick and easy to do that also do not require a great deal of room to do them either.

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are another great option that can offer a wide range of work out options that you are able to complete within a limited space such as the sleeper can of your truck, parking lot, etc.

Neck Curls

Being on the road for long periods of time can cause a lot of stress and stiffness on your body that should be worked out to avoid chronic issues building up. The neck is one area that is prone to issues such as hypertension from being on the road. Doing neck curls can effectively help stretch out those muscles to keep them limber and comfortable.

Arm Curls

In the same manner as curls for your neck can have big benefits the same can go for your arms. Being stuck in one position for so long is troubling to muscles and proper blood flow. Get some curls in and your will notice a difference.


Do you experience back or hip pain from sitting for so long while truck driving? Doing some twists can help get a deep stretch to these areas and keep those muscles limber.

Maintaining Positive Mental Health

Challenge your mind

Brain puzzles have been a long proven exercise to benefit your mental health. FInding something along these lines that will not only keep your attention but make you think like a puzzle or audiobooks is a great mental wellness practice.

Stay in touch with family and friends

Friends and family always have a way to keep us grounded. It can be hard on our well-being to spend so much time alone. Luckily we live in a time period that has technology to greatly work at alleviating those issues by being able to call and such to stay in touch and not alone with no connections.

Get enough sleep

Sleep can be a tough point in trucking while working all kinds of hours and different expectations for different loads. Regardless, sleep is vitally important and you should strive to make sure you are setting aside the time needed for a quality sleep time.

Mental rest

Even when we are away we can often drastically wear ourselves down through too much mental activity. It is important to find time to just clear your mind and get a mental rest as well.

Make time for you

You are important and while working on the road can seem to be a life of all it’s own, truck drivers are still people with their own varying interests. You need to make time for you to address those interests. This will lead to a happier you and you deserve it.

Additional Health Tips for Truck Drivers


Many see this as an odd suggestion as truck drivers are sitting in the cab of a truck and not out in the sun. So why would you need sunscreen if you are inside a truck all day? The simple fact is that you are getting a lot more sun exposure than you think you are through the windows. Protect your skin and your future self will be happy you did.

Stay hydrated

With that unrecognized sun exposure level in addition to other factors, it is an important suggestion that you keep yourself properly hydrated while driving.


Take time to acknowledge how you are sitting. Do you have a good or poor posture? Sitting for so long with a poor back posture will lead to more problems down the road and a lot of uncomfort while driving.

Eat breakfast

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, so why do we often skip it? As there are many varying answers to that question, the simple fact of breakfast is a very good meal to get under your belt. Especially a healthy breakfast that will give you the energy you need for the day ahead of you.

Actually do it

Yep, we went there. We are all so quick to talk about making positive changes in our health but few actually end up carrying those plans through. So our biggest advice to you is to actually do it!

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