The Best Semi Truck Tires

Tires hold pivotal importance on any vehicle such as cars, SUVs, and light trucks, but none as much as long haul semi-truck tires and even trailer tires. Considering the amount of wear and demanding conditions that are placed on the tires of a commercial trucking tire, they need to be built extra tough. Not all the tires are treated equally, as the steer tires in comparison to the drive tire. With that being said there are also many different tire brands and models of semi-truck tires on the market to choose from. Here we will be examining what the best semi-truck tires are and the best options you should be looking for the next time you put new tires on your truck with solid tread patterns and a wide base resulting in a smooth ride, durability, and even treadwear.


Features of Semi Truck Tires

A trucking radial tire is designed specifically for the job of long haul trucking and not off-road use or anything of that nature. They are a work tire that are dependable in their intended use. As we discussed, all tires hold high importance but commercial truck tires vary quite a bit from a standard vehicle tire. They have to. In addition to the safety needs trucking tires have to also be able to combat industry conditions and provide long tread life, durability, handle frequently varying weather conditions, and hopefully offer benefits in the realm of fuel economy.

To handle these high-stress conditions commercial tires are built specially in regards to the size of their air chamber and inflation process to properly combat the amount of use, weight, and more tire manufactures have to build commercial truck tires quite a bit more heavy-duty than a standard tire to keep them safe and dependable in this industry. It is important to do your homework on the various different tire brands to make sure you are getting the best option for your money.


What Are Retread Tires?

Retread tires are also sometimes called recap tires or remolded tires. Retread tires have undergone a remanufacturing process called retreading to replace the worn tread on used tires with new tread to offer an extended life of the tire. Commercial tire specialists are able to bring these older tires with worn treads back to life with a matching tread design and the tread depth of a new tire. In fact, almost half of all replacement tires in the United States are retreads. They are a great option as they can be used on all Drive and Trailer positions as well as on steer positions in non-passenger transport vehicles. This is a great option for tires still in good shape besides the level of tread. Any other imperfections to the tire overall will affect the retreadability. Having full deep tread with a low rolling resistance is also much more fuel-efficient than driving on the worn tread as well.


The Best Semi Truck Tire Manufacturers

It is important to choose your commercial truck tires wisely considering both quality and pricing when shopping for new tires. You don’t simply want to choose the cheapest but want to make sure you get the best tires for your needs. Here we will give you our top recommendation on commercial tire manufacturers for you to choose from the next time you are replacing the tires on your equipment to set you up to choose the right tires for your needs out of all the tire brands.


Tier 1 Brands


Goodyear has proven for years to be a very strong name in tires across the board in their line of commercial truck tires having strong sidewalls and casings. A big perk of Goodyear tires is that they are able to handle up to three retreads making them a dependable long-lasting option for your equipment.


Michelin tires are another great choice that has been around for many years and offer a strong option in commercial trucking tires. Michelin tires are known for having strong casings and excellent mileage.



Bridgestone is a strong choice in the market as a tier 1 brand with over 100 years experience in the industry. Bridgestone prides itself on its experience and dedication to the industry and having a quality tire application for any vehicle out there.


Tier 2 Brands

Cooper Roadmaster

Cooper Roadmaster tires have proven their place on our list outperforming many other competitors on the market today. They also come with a warranted casing offering great durability, performance, and tread life.



Yokohama is a strong brand on the market that has managed to be affordable while not slipping on quality and overall performance.



BFGoodrich is yet another strong name in the tire industry overall that has been around a long time. In the realm of trucking tires, you will be happy to know they offer a five-star warranty on all their tires and offer great tread life and outstanding fuel efficiency.


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