The Best Load Boards For Truckers

No matter if you are driving a flatbed or a reefer unit, getting quality and constant freight loads is a must for trucking companies to be a profitable trucking business. Here we will be taking a deeper look at some of the best load boards for truckers to book freight loads. Load boards are online sources that house postings for freight loads in real time that are up for grabs by truckers. The best option for getting loads is not to work through freight brokers but to build relationships which result in you booking loads directly with a trusted shipper, however, making those relationships takes time and proven dedication in the trucking industry. In the meantime load boards are a great source of quality paying loads. With the advances in technology today booking loads has never been easier for truck drivers on the go to find available loads. With most having a user friendly mobile app that can offer notifications or email alerts for new loads. The only problem is there are some boards that are better than others, so let’s take a deeper look to get you off on the right track so you can start your load searches and booking the best loads you can.

It is important to note that these following lists are just a few of our favorites but there are a great deal of other boards available including a large number of broker boards as well. Working off of a broker board is sometimes a convenient way to find freight, but you should be wary of working with only one or a few large brokers. True load boards are better because they have loads from many different brokers and shippers available. No matter which board you choose to work through, you can use the following information to gauge what qualities you should be looking for in a good load board.

Free Load Boards

If you are just getting started and you are not wanting to spend money on a subscription service for a load board, there are some good options out there that are actually FREE. Free load boards are a fantastic and practical route for truckers to get freight loads from shippers without the additional service cost. Just as you would expect from paid load board services you can still utilize a free freight search feature as well as viewing the freight rates for the loads to give you the upper hand in booking the best loads for you.

Here are the top free load boards we found:
1) Trucker Path 
2) Trulos
4) Live Loads
5) Load Up

Paid Load Boards

There are also some load boards out there that have a fee associated with them. Don’t let that alone scare you away though. If you are ready to get a little more serious in the trucking industry, then paid load boards might be the right choice for you. On the upside, many paid services will still offer a multi day trial for free so that you can try it out to get a better feel for the freight finder platform. Here are some of the top paid load board options to get you back on the road trucking, put your freight services to work, and minimize deadhead miles.

DAT load board
2) Direct Freight
3) 123loadboard
4) Comfreight

Hotshot and LTL Loads

If you are interested in something to fit the needs of hotshot or LTL owner operators, we have some options targeted to your needs as well that you will want to check out as well to get you booking good paying truckloads today.

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