The Best Load Boards For Truckers

Looking for your next load to pick up? Whether you are driving a flatbed or a reefer unit, getting quality and constant freight loads is a must for trucking companies to be a profitable trucking business. Here we will be taking a deeper look at some of the best load boards for truckers to book freight loads. Load boards are online sources that post loads they need drivers to haul such as house load postings. These freight loads are typically available in real time and are up for grabs by truckers. The best option for getting loads is not to work through freight brokers but to build relationships which result in you booking loads directly with a trusted shipper, however, making those relationships takes time and proven dedication in the trucking industry. In the meantime load boards are a great source of quality paying loads with some even offering quick pay solutions. With the advances in technology today booking loads has never been easier for truck drivers on the go to find available loads. With most having a user-friendly mobile app that can offer notifications or email alerts for new loads. While a load board app is really nice, the bigger problem is there are some boards that are better than others, so let’s take a deeper look to get you off on the right track so you can start your load searches and booking the best loads you can for your equipment and trailer type so you can avoid those empty backhauls.

It is important to note that these following lists are just a few of our favorites but there are a great deal of other boards available including a large number of broker boards as well. Working off of a broker board is sometimes a convenient way to find freight, but you should be wary of working with only one or a few large brokers. True load boards are better because they have loads from many different brokers and shippers available. No matter which board you choose to work through, you can use the following information to gauge what qualities you should be looking for in a good load board.

Free Load Boards

For those embarking on their trucking journey and seeking load boards without the financial commitment of a monthly subscription, free options exist that are both reputable and efficient. You may even get access to a paid service for free through services you already have like freight factoring for cash flow or others. Free load boards offer an excellent entry point for truckers to access freight loads directly from shippers without incurring additional service costs. Despite being free of charge, these platforms often provide functionalities akin to their paid counterparts, enabling truckers to conduct freight searches and review freight market rates, giving them the ability to make informed decisions when selecting loads.

These free load boards facilitate seamless freight searches and offer visibility into available loads and associated rates, equipping truckers with the tools necessary to secure suitable shipments. Here are some top-notch free load boards worth considering:

Trucker Path: Known for its user-friendly interface and comprehensive listing of available loads, Trucker Path allows truckers to conduct efficient freight searches and access a diverse range of shipments without any subscription fees.

Trulos: With a focus on simplifying load searches and providing real-time updates, Trulos offers a reliable platform for truckers to identify and evaluate available loads without any financial commitment.

DSSLN: Providing a platform for direct access to available loads, DSSLN enables truckers to view and select shipments suitable for their requirements without any cost involved.

Live Loads: Renowned for its accessible interface and robust load database, Live Loads empowers truckers to explore and book available shipments hassle-free, all without any subscription fees.

Load Up: Offering comprehensive load search functionalities and easy navigation, Load Up serves as a reliable platform for truckers to discover and manage available loads without any financial obligations.

These free load boards prioritize ease of use, real-time load updates, and comprehensive load listings, ensuring that truckers, especially those starting out, have access to valuable resources to kickstart their journey without incurring additional expenses.

Paid Load Boards

In the world of load boards, some platforms operate on a subscription or paid model. But don’t let the prospect of a fee deter you. Paid load boards can be a game-changer, especially if you’re looking to take your trucking business to the next level. What’s even better is that several of these services often offer free trial periods, allowing you to test their functionalities and assess their compatibility with your needs before committing to a subscription.

These paid services come with a myriad of advantages, offering advanced features and a comprehensive range of available loads to bolster your freight operations. Here are some top-notch paid load board options meticulously curated to elevate your trucking game, maximize load opportunities, and minimize inefficient empty miles:

DAT Load Board: Renowned for its extensive market insights, DAT provides in-depth load matching capabilities that help truckers swiftly find and secure suitable loads, reducing deadhead miles and optimizing route planning. The Truckstop load board is a robust platform catering to diverse equipment types. offers a wealth of available loads, advanced functionalities, and seamless integration for efficient freight matching and load management.

Direct Freight: Known for its user-friendly interface and extensive database of available loads, Direct Freight facilitates quick and effective load searches, aiding truckers in finding suitable shipments effortlessly.

123Loadboard: Offering a comprehensive suite of tools, 123Loadboard enables truckers to access various load types, manage their preferences, and streamline load bookings for enhanced efficiency.

Comfreight: With a focus on optimizing load visibility and simplifying the booking process, Comfreight provides a user-friendly platform for truckers to identify, book, and manage loads efficiently.

These paid load boards not only broaden your access to available loads but also equip you with valuable functionalities such as load filtering, real-time load updates, and specialized search options based on equipment type or specific preferences. This enhanced functionality is designed to aid truckers in maximizing their earning potential while minimizing operational inefficiencies.

What Are Reefer Boards?

For truckers specializing in refrigerated (reefer) freight, load boards that cater to specific equipment types offer valuable insights into available loads. While there isn’t a distinct separation of load boards exclusively for reefer cargo, certain platforms, such as DAT Solutions, TruckersEdge, and, provide functionalities that allow truckers to filter and search for reefer-specific loads within their comprehensive databases.

These load boards offer tools that enable users to identify and prioritize reefer loads among various freight options available. Truckers can utilize filters or search options tailored for reefer equipment types to efficiently locate suitable shipments requiring temperature-controlled transportation.

Options for Reefer Load Boards

When seeking reefer-specific load boards, various online platforms cater to the specific needs of refrigerated freight. These platforms offer functionalities allowing carriers to efficiently identify and prioritize temperature-controlled shipments among available freight options. These specialized boards are easily accessible through online platforms that cater to the specific requirements of refrigerated cargo.

Flat Bed Load Boards

Truckers handling flatbed freight often benefit from load boards that encompass a variety of equipment types, including flatbeds. While load boards typically aggregate different load types, certain platforms, like DAT Load Board, TruckersEdge, and, feature functionalities allowing truckers to specifically search and filter for flatbed loads among their comprehensive listings.

These platforms equip truckers with tools to identify and focus on flatbed loads within the broader spectrum of available freight. Utilizing specific filters or search options tailored for flatbed equipment types enables truckers to efficiently locate and secure suitable flatbed shipments.

What Are Flat Bed Load Boards?

Flatbed load boards are online platforms that cater to truckers dealing with flatbed freight. They are designed to encompass various equipment types, ensuring that carriers handling flatbeds can access a diverse range of loads. While these boards aggregate different load types, specific platforms provide functionalities allowing truckers to focus on flatbed loads within their comprehensive listings.

Options for Flat Bed Load Boards

When seeking platforms specifically accommodating flatbed freight, truckers can explore various online load boards that offer tools enabling efficient identification and securing of suitable flatbed shipments. These platforms equip carriers with tailored filters or search options designed for flatbed equipment types, streamlining the process of locating and securing appropriate flatbed loads.

Hotshot and LTL Loads

Operators handling hotshot and Less Than Truckload (LTL) deliveries often find load boards encompassing various load types. Although there isn’t a distinct segregation of load boards solely for hotshot or LTL shipments, platforms like TruckersEdge, DAT Load Board, and offer functionalities that assist truckers in identifying and prioritizing these specific load types within their comprehensive listings.

These load boards allow operators to filter and search for hotshot or LTL loads among a diverse range of available freight options. Utilizing specific filters or search options tailored for these specialized equipment types aids in swiftly identifying and managing smaller-scale or expedited shipments.

If you are interested in something to fit the needs of hotshot or LTL owner operators, we have some options targeted to your needs as well that you will want to check out as well to get you booking good paying truckloads today.

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