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Introducing the New Standard of Client Experience at TAFS

We’ve re-designed our approach to ensure a relationship-friendly, fast and personalized experience for our clients. Introducing our Dedicated Client Experience Teams: Each TAFS client now has a small team assigned to their account who is familiar with their business and ready to provide tailored solutions every time they reach out. Our goal is not only to build strong relationships, but also deliver solutions quickly with little to no phone hold time. Client success fuels ours. We look forward to growing together.

Been with TAFS for about five years already, and overall they are exceptional. Great customer service and they will go above and beyond to always help you out. Tried other factoring companies in the past but the invoices process is way too archaic. TAFS is fast, simple, and straight to the point.

Luis C., Owner/Operator

This is the BEST business decision I have made for my trucking company! I feel like TAFS is a part of my team, NOT a controlling partner. I recommend TAFS to all Owner/Operators I meet on the road and tell them how I am so satisfied with the way they help me run my business. No worries about unpaid invoices and collecting money. They take care of me so I can worry about driving!

Todd N. , Owner/Operator

I started with TAFS several years ago and it has been a good fit for my company. They have been more than a factoring company to me. Great to work with and has definitely worked with me through some problems that other factoring [companies] would have looked the other way. 

Eric N., Owner/Operator

TAFS is a good factoring company, easy to talk to and easy to work with. We have a really good working relationship with them. Ever since we started working with them 7 years ago, we have had nothing but excellent customer service.

Juan G., Owner/Operator
Get ready to become a trucking business owner and start your own trucking company!

Starting your own trucking company? Here is everything you need to get going, including freight factoring. Learn more…

Freight factoring and quick pay both speed up cash flow for trucking businesses, but that is where the similarities end.

Freight Factoring and Quick Pay both speed up a trucking company’s cash flow, but use different methods and offer different benefits. Which option is better for your business? 

TAFS knows the trucking industry and we are here to help. Offering so much more than just factoring services, TAFS wants to see motor carriers like you grow and thrive in the industry, regardless of years of experience. There is a lot to consider when jumping into this industry from FMCSA regulations and DOT compliance to understanding the best work ethic practices, tracking your hours-of-service correctly, and many other aspects and daily responsibilities of a commercial truck driver. TAFS has a highly skilled team of transportation consultants that is able to get you on the right track after getting your CDL to driving your company to success. Consulting services can prove extremely beneficial, especially to someone new to the industry without many years of experience. Owner-operators up to large corporations can all benefit from trucking consulting experts. Mary are in need of a crash course to understand the various compliance programs and DOT regulations that are constantly changing within the United States. These guidelines are strict even for those basic loads but get even more complicated for specialty jobs such as hauling a truckload of hazardous materials from Kansas to New York. Give TAFS a call today and see how we can help your business grow.

Freight Broker or Freight Dispatcher? Which is better for your trucking company?

Trying to figure out if you want to use a freight broker or a dispatcher to help find your loads? They have similarities but there are also some significant differences. 

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