Waiting to Purchase an ELD Will Hurt Your Business

As you know, the ELD mandate started December 18, 2018. At TAFS, we care about our clients’ businesses. We want you to succeed. The longer you wait to get your ELD, the greater the risk to your business.


Law enforcement is already training on how to read ELDs during DOT inspections. While mandate violators will not be put out-of-service until April 2018, they will still accrue fines. Fines are an unnecessary expense that will cut into your profits.

Low Supply + High Demand = Outrageous Prices

A large chunk of the trucking population has not installed ELDs. Now that we are pass the deadline, all of these carriers will be looking for an ELD supplier, causing two things to happen simultaneously. First, there is a chance suppliers will not be able to keep up with demand, creating an ELD shortage. When this happens, ELD prices will sky rocket.

Limited Choices and No Trusworthy Brands

Shopping for an ELD is not like purchasing a one-size fits all shirt. You cannot go into a store, pull one off the rack, and have it magically work for your business. There are over 100 self-certified ELD providers on the FMCSA website. All these companies claim their devices meet FMSCA standards but the FMCSA has not actually verified these claims. As a safeguard, the FMCSA recommends using a checklist when choosing an ELD; if it is discovered that the product you choose is not actually FMCSA compliant, you will have wasted money AND put your company at risk.

At TAFS, we also recommend you choose a brand with available customer service and the ability to keep up with the times. If you choose a low-level brand that goes out of business in 1 year, you will be stuck with a useless piece of technology. You want an ELD with the ability to advance as technology changes. It should have the ability to integrate with future improvements to your Truck Management Software and other applications.

The longer you wait, the greater your chance of paying too much for a substandard product that may not last.

No Time to Learn

There is always a learning period with new technology. When you get a new phone, it takes a little while to learn all of its bells and whistles. The same is true for ELDs. If you wait to install your ELD, you are doing yourself and your drivers a disservice because you have no time to learn the new technology. Remember, as stated above, law enforcement is ready to enforce the ELD mandate. Shouldn’t you be ready as well?

Truck drivers are a huge part of America’s economy and shippers have been taking advantage of them through paper logs. ELDs give the power back to drivers and helps keep them safe over the road. With everyone in the industry following the HOS, trends show rates and driving conditions improving in the drivers’ favor. As your business partner, TAFS wants your business to succeed. We are here to act as a consultant and offer ways to help your business grow. ELDs are not going away.

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