A Culture of Cooperation

TAFS is built on a culture of cooperation. Every month the entire team gathers in the lobby to recognize and celebrate each department within the company. We do this as a constant reminder that no one department can succeed without the others.

Importance of Working Together

Standing on a ladder in front of the company, the Client Relationship Manager held up a piece of wood for everyone to see then broke it. The wood represented what would happen if a single department within TAFS tried working alone. It can’t accomplish much by itself and as a result, our clients don’t receive good customer service. Then 4 sticks were held up, 1 stick for each department. The sticks did not break. This demonstrates that even though each department is unique and performs a different function for our clients, when we work together we all work more efficiently and create a stronger foundation for our clients.

No one department is more important than another. Each one has strengths and weaknesses. But, together, we create an environment that gives our clients a better factoring experience.