Trust, Growth, and Success in Trucking

Melgar Trucking Service, Inc

Gilberto and his company, Melgar Trucking Service, Inc., (Melgar) has been with TAFS from almost the beginning. “I have been with TAFS for 8 years now,” Melgar says, “and during this time TAFS has been a great ally in helping me achieve my company’s goals.” When Melgar began his partnership with TAFS in 2009, he was a single truck operation. Now he has 8 trucks and 10 employees. Leslie, his Relationship Specialist, sums up our partnership with Melgar like this: “We [the TAFS team] are here to help them grow.”

Consistent Customer Service

One of TAFS’s core customers service values is, “Be consistent”. Each team member is here to help our clients succeed and, as a result, each Relationship Specialist gives the same quality service. Melgar has had a few Relationship Specialists over the years and never had a bad experience with any of them. “I have established a great relationship with each of the representatives I get to work with,” he says. “My current representative, Leslie, is always there to help get things done when needed.” TAFS is dedicated to customer service. Across the company, from person to person, we all hold ourselves to the same high standard.

Trust between Companies

This dedication to customer service created a great deal of trust between Melgar and TAFS. “We [TAFS] basically became part of his family,” says Leslie. Melgar echoes this sentiment, “TAFS has my full loyalty.” He trusts our opinions and suggestions. “Any time there are changes at TAFS, he is excited to see how it will help him and his business,” says Leslie. He takes advantage of the TAFS Elite Tire Club and Fuel Card, saving his business money through the discounts these programs offer. He also utilizes our 1-hour advancing program and ProDispatch. “[TAFS] customer-oriented approach, in combination with their programs and services, has significantly contributed in our [Melgar’s] progress.”

This kind of relationship would not be possible without a strong foundation. TAFS was created to support the trucking industry. Trucking is a noble profession and we treat it that way. Thank you, Melgar, for factoring us for the past 8 years. We appreciate your partnership and we hope for another great decade together.