Strong Relationships Create Success

J & J Hernandez, INC. and TAFS

At TAFS, we are changing how people view freight factoring. We are not just a financial institution. We are people helping other people in the trucking industry succeed. By offering our clients quality, personal relationships, we can make a huge impact on their business.

True Relationships with Clients

Bernardo in customer service had the chance to start assisting J & J Hernandez about two years ago. When asked about his client, Bernardo said, “As soon as we started talking, we connected. The owner, Ms. Damarys, is amazing! She loves food and traveling and we share a deep-seated respect for our families.” These common interests built a solid business foundation of respect and mutual trust between TAFS and J & J Hernandez. Bernardo is invested in Ms. Damarys’ business and genuinely wants to help her succeed. “She’s gone through a novella –as we say in Spanish, soap opera – with her business, [but] we work together as a team to find solutions”.

Help Business Grow

When J & J Hernandez started with TAFS, they had 10 trucks. Now they are a 33-truck operation and Ms. Damarys recently purchased a yard. “I appreciate the amount work of Bernardo has put into my account over the years,” Ms. Damarys said. “I like the process and the transparency.” Eventually, Ms. Damarys wants to grow her company into a 40-truck operation and Bernardo is excited to help her with this task. “She is one of my favorite clients. When I look at the numbers, I can see the impact we [at TAFS] have. Her business has tripled because of everything we do. What we do actually has an impact. I’m glad to be a part of it.”

Thank you, Ms. Damarys and J & J Hernandez, for choosing to factor with TAFS.