Riata Trucking

Using Every Tool To Succeed

Adrian Rodriguez’s reason for starting his company was simple – he wanted to be paid for his work. The company he originally leased with did not pay him consistently, so Adrian decided to cut out the middleman and go out on his own. He did not have much knowledge of the trucking industry’s business side, but he had plenty of determination, a big dream, and TAFS in his corner.

Rapid Growth

In his first month with TAFS, Riata Trucking had 1 truck. By the second month, he had 4. Over the past 11 months, Riata Trucking has steadily grown and is currently running 21 trucks – Mr. Rodriquez owns 18 of them. The other three trucks are owner operators. Mr. Rodriguez lives by the motto, “Go big or go home,” and this philosophy works for his business. His current goal is to expand to 50 trucks by mid-2018.

360° Benefits

At TAFS, our clients are the reason behind everything we do. We were created by a trucking company, so we understand the obstacles standing in the way of a trucker’s way success. That’s why we offer so many benefits outside of factoring. We want our clients to succeed. “95% of my success is due to the help TAFS provides to my business,” says Mr. Rodriguez. “I don’t have any desire to shop around for another factoring company because I love the customer service I receive from TAFS. I appreciate Leslie’s hard work and TAFS’ flexibility in helping with cash flow.”

Riata Trucking has used everything from small business loans to our 1-Hour Advance option, but the best product we offer is our customer service. “We started with TAFS around the same time,” Leslie says. “We’ve grown a lot over the past 11 months. They’re one of my babies. We’ve been through a lot together.” Thank you, Riata Trucking, for making TAFS your factoring company. It is companies like yours that keep us on track to be a purpose-driven company. You inspire us to continue creating benefits which will help trucking companies succeed and grow.