Helping Trucking Companies Grow

TAFS is always looking for opportunities to help our clients succeed. One way is to provide a service that finds higher paying freight so that carriers can grow their business. Introduce ProDispatch: a team of skilled internal and external dispatchers that help carriers move freight safely and cost effectively every day. TAFS acquired ProDispatch in 2017 and they have continued to make a significant impact on our clients ever since. Whether it is a new owner-operator just starting out that needs help navigating the spot market or a multi-truck business that needs a dedicated dispatcher to optimize the best routes for their drivers, clients truly have the ProDispatch advantage when they partner with this dynamic team.

ProDispatch has already become a part of numerous client success stories. “Our company has partnered with ProDispatch for a little over 3 months and our experience has been extraordinary. Our Dispatcher, Jorge Tapia, has gone the extra mile to help our company grow,” Alfredo, owner operator of Triple D Falcon Transport. Alfredo is just one of the many clients that have shared their praise after partnering with ProDispatch. In fact, because of the success ProDispatch has had, they continue to expand their team to be able to partner with more carriers. ProDispatch hired their first internal dispatcher Chad Govier in 2017, and in the following year hired three other dispatchers, including two bilingual team members, Jorge Tapia and Sonia Sarazua, to be able to accommodate all of their clients’ needs. Although each dispatcher works individually to ensure their clients are gaining a profit through higher paying freight, they work together as a team to support each other every day. “The relationship I have with my teammates is something that makes my job easier. They are always willing to help. We work individually but we also rely on each other for support and encouragement. We work hard but we also have fun doing what we love,” bilingual dispatcher, Sonia Sarazua said.

The triumph of ProDispatch can be measured in the countless client success stories. If you ever stop by the department, you will be sure to see the team of dispatchers working hard, communicating with clients and negotiating with customers to help carriers nationwide turn a profit for their business. So what motivates this powerhouse unit to continually raise the bar of unparalleled success? “I am inspired by the impact that we make in these companies. I’ve been able to see owner operators completely turn their business around after working with our team,” ProDispatch Manager, Sara Waxmonski said. We appreciate the ProDispatch team for dedicating their time and experience to helping trucking companies thrive.