Benefits of Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance may take time and planning, but the benefits to your fleet make it worth it. Keeping your company within FMCSA regulations and protecting your CSA score is only the tip of the iceberg.

Saves Your Company Money

Preventive maintenance saves your fleet money by helping to avoid unscheduled downtime due to a breakdown. It also helps maintain a good rapport between you and your customers. If you have to cancel a load due to a breakdown, you customer may think twice about doing business with you in the future. Planning around scheduled shop time makes things easier for everyone.

Extends the Life of Your Equipment

From your body’s joints to vintage cars, things tend to last longer when they are well maintained. Commercial vehicles are the same. Trucks and trailers cost a great deal of money. You do not want to cost your business money by having to replace them all the time.

Legal Protection

The public tends to blame commercial vehicles for accidents, even when the commercial vehicle is not at fault. If your equipment is in an accident, a good preventive maintenance paper trail can help defend against accusations of faulty equipment.

Creating a preventive maintenance schedule can take time. Sticking with it takes dedication. However, the overall benefits make it well worth the effort, even if it does not prevent every breakdown (sometimes it’s hard to avoid tire-popping potholes).

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