Passion for Trucking

When you find an industry you love, you stick with it. Sabina is a TAFS Senior Sales Account Manager who became involved in the trucking industry 17 years ago. “I don’t ever plan on leaving it,” she says. Her résumé includes dispatching, financing trucks, insuring trucking companies, and now, factoring. “I’ve done everything except drive the truck,” she says. “[The transportation industry] is a passion of mine.”

Factoring is about the Mom-and-Pop Shops

Sabina is a people-person, which makes trucking the perfect industry for her. Trucking is about people. Truck drivers move everything from food to medicine. It is an industry on which the entire economy depends, and small companies – with only 1-6 trucks – make up 90% of it. Trucking is founded on mom-and-pop shops. “Don’t get into the transportation industry unless you have a passion for helping people,” Sabina advices. “[Factoring] is not about a paycheck. You are not selling to corporations. You are dealing with people and their lives.”

TAFS is as Diverse as Our Clients

At TAFS, our mission is to provide our clients with the tools they need to succeed. Each client requires different tools. One client may need more hands on assistance to help answer questions and give advice; another may need tire discounts; another may rely on a fast cash flow. Our job is to provide people with all of these benefits and more. Offering a diverse program allows TAFS to help more people than we could if we only offered factoring. “[TAFS] is about helping families,” Sabina says. “Our clients’ families and our own.”

We Appreciate You

When you have team members who love their careers, you end up with a group of individuals who offer excellent customer service. Positivity is infectious. “I really do love the company culture,” Sabina says. “It’s like a family. Yes, we have bosses, but no one acts like they are better than anyone else. We listen to music and sing songs. It’s very enthusiastic.” Every team member is valued and this feeling of value becomes transferred to our clients. “I enjoy coming to work every day because I know we are making a difference.” Thank you, Sabina, for being a great influence in the office.