More than Freight Factoring

It is widely known that you should not mix family with business. But what about when business becomes family? TAFS offers more than simple freight factoring. We have team members who get involved and take an interest in you and your business.

TAFS Customer Service Specialist, Julieta, and Kiké’s Transport joined TAFS around the same time. “We both learned about factoring together,” says Julieta. When Kiké’s Transport was first approached by TAFS, they didn’t want to factor. However, they eventually said yes because of the extra benefits TAFS offers. Programs like TAFS’ equipment financing and small business loans have helped them grow from one truck to eight in just 2 short years. Now, 1-hour advancing is one of their favorite products. “We do not regret saying ‘yes’ to TAFS,” says Beddy, one of the owners of Kiké’s Transport.

When Julieta was asked why Kiké’s Transport should be this month’s Client Spotlight, she said, “Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about each other. We have a great relationship and I enjoy working with them to help them improve their business. They are like family.”

Beddy agrees with this sentiment. On New Year’s Eve, she sent Julieta this message, “I really want to thank you and TAFS because without you guys, we would not be anywhere close to where we are today. I could not be any more thankful to have you guys as my factoring company. Happy New Year to you and TAFS.”

Thank you, Kiké’s Transport.