A Message to Clients from TAFS VP, Amanda Villarreal

To my dear and valued clients –

I am writing this message to express my gratitude towards you for selecting TAFS as your factoring provider. Since 2007, your support made it possible for TAFS to experience tremendous growth year-over-year, leading to TAFS’s ability to create exciting opportunities for you, as well as the TAFS team members.

As I reflect on the 10 years since TAFS’s inception, I cannot help but get emotional over the many experiences we had along the way. Each one of those experiences shaped TAFS’s culture and getting to know you, our clients, is the most beautiful and influential experience of all. You come from all over the world, enriching our company with your cultures and connecting us with the world. Throughout the years, I have visited with many of you and have gotten to know you on a personal level. We share meals from your cultures as we talk about your hopes, dreams, desires, and goals. The trust you put in TAFS and me compels us to focus on the human aspect of our business, making us a true purpose-driven organization.

Our leadership team is always discussing how TAFS can make trucking easier for our clients. You helped us make the decision to be a purpose-driven organization because, “Trucking is a noble profession and truck drivers are noble people”. We have these words displayed at every desk in our building. We try to live this every day. We are committed to you, your businesses, and the trucking profession.

You see, here at TAFS, we do not simply buy invoices. Oh no, we see the big picture – we are assisting hard working entrepreneurs support a life-long dream of having a successful business that will give them the independence and the opportunity to support their families and create jobs. Having a strong relationship with our clients is essential to supporting this dream. Trust is extremely important. That is why we started our Client Newsletter, so you can get a glimpse at the people in and around TAFS.

We employ over 150 team members. These team members collaborate to make TAFS successful in order to provide for their families and you, our 2,200 clients, who, in turn, collectively employ thousands of people. It is absolutely amazing to see how our services impact so many lives. Every decision we make affects them, and this is why I hold myself, and all of our team members, to a high standard. We are motivated to deliver an excellent client experience.

I want you know that regardless of what the future holds, I am more committed to you, our clients, than ever.

Thank you for the opportunity to be part of your dream, and for making my dream of making a difference in people’s lives come true.

Truly yours,

Amanda Villarreal

Vice President of Sales/Marketing