Spending Too Much On Equipment Maintenance?

Welcome to TAFS Maintenance Discount Page

How to get discounts at TA, Petro Stopping Centers, and TA Express

You have the ability to use any payment method, including your F2 Fuel Card. TAFS clients get discounts on PM’s, DOT inspections, alignments, lubes and tires.

When you go to a TA or Petro Stopping Center truck service location, be sure to:

  1. Check in in using your company name and DOT#.
  2. Confirm that TA/Petro service advisors have pulled up the correct company by verifying the address of YOUR company or phone number that is listed on your account with TAFS.
  3. If you ask for a ‘priced work order'(estimate), before service and look at the sheet, any applicable discounts will be shown at the bottom as ‘Preferred TAFS member savings’. The service rep likely will not know about the discount, as it is all done through the system.

How to get discounts at MHC                                                                                                     

TAFS has partnered with MHC. Our program allows TAFS clients to get fleet parts pricing and labor rate discounts for repairs on all makes and models. Locations open 24/7 in major markets and extended hours in other locations.

Here is how you can obtain your discounted services:

TAFS partners with MCH to bring TAFS clients discounts on maintenance services.
  1. Find the right MHC Service Locations for the service you need by clicking here.
  2. You may also use the MHC mobile app to find locations. Download it for free at Android and iOS app stores.
  3. Call ahead for a quote or go to the location. Tell the representative you are a National Account member of TAFS and present this account number – #241076. If asked for additional proof you are a TAFS client, show your F2 Fuel Card (Comdata).
  4. Pay using any method that MHC accepts.

If you have any issues getting the discount in-store, please contact your Relationship Specialist immediately. 

How to get discounts at Goodyear                                                                                                     

TAFS has partnered with The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. to offer both tire and service discounts.

Our program allows us to offer tire and maintenance discounts to all TAFS Clients at Goodyear Commercial Tire and Service Centers. Should you require preventative maintenance services at a discounted rate, there are more than 180 locations across North America that can help you. Here is how you can obtain your discounted services:

  1. Find the right Goodyear Commercial Tire and Service Center for the service you need by clicking here.

  2. Go to location, and tell agent you are with TAFS National Account, and present this account number – #7864. . To obtain the discounts you must have the bill run under the TAFS account number, using any other account will negate the discounts as these are loaded directly for our members. If asked for additional proof you are a TAFS client, show your F2 Fuel Card (Comdata).

  3. Pay using any method that Goodyear accepts. Prices below on services do not include sales tax.

If you are purchasing tires, contact your Relationship Specialist, and they will walk you through that process of obtaining tires at more than 2,300 Goodyear providers. The above steps are for maintenance related service only.

The below prices apply to Goodyear locations only. For MHC pricing, follow the corresponding directions above.

How to get discounts at Boss Truck Shops

The Boss Truck Shops has teamed up with TAFS to present remarkable discounts to our clients.
For drivers to access these benefits throughout their 45 locations across 24 states, you simply need to provide account number 9817903 with their Boss Shop. This step ensures a smooth process for TAFS clients to obtain substantial discounts.

Here are a few notable ones:

– Road Service – Day/Nights/Afterhours & Weekends: $130.00 per hour – $1.90 per mile
– – – Roadside Service Number: 888-595-BOSS
– All PM Services: $20.00 Off the advertised Price
– Iron Man Tire Program
– DOT Inspection (Truck): $59.99
– DOT Inspection (Trailer): $49.99
– DOT Inspection (Combo): $89.99

Click HERE for details on Ironman Tires discounts.