Leading by Example in the Trucking Industry

Big Shaw Trucking

John Shaw had big dreams when he started his company, Big Shaw Trucking, in 2014. “He told me he was going to grow his business so he could get out of his truck,” says Crystal, his TAFS Sales Representative. “He wanted to own a dispatching company.” Three years later, John has done just that. He grew from one hotshot truck to managing six trucks and a hotshot dispatching service. Big dreams can come true.

Commit to Great Customer Service

John credits his success to great customer service. Hard work and customer service are a winning combination. TAFS grew quickly over the past decade due to our commitment to delivering an exceptional customer experience through strong relationships with our clients. We work hard to provide our customers with the best. John uses a similar commitment to personalized service with his customers. “We are living in an age where automated systems answer the phone for companies,” John told Leslie. “It’s great [when] somebody will actually answer the phone. It may seem small, but I happen to think it is extremely important.” This is why the partnership between TAFS and Big Shaw works so well. We have similar philosophies.

Trucking is About the People

Trucking is a noble profession because it is centered on people. Truck drivers deliver food, water, gas, and medicine to almost every community in America. This is why John Shaw, like TAFS, focuses on providing great customer service. We respect our clients and want to help them succeed in the trucking industry. Thank you, Mr. Shaw, for partnering with TAFS. You are an exemplary model of what it means to be a noble trucking entrepreneur.