Client Spotlight

JJ Fast Transportation

Running a business is like running a 3-legged race. You tie yourself to your partner and count on them to help propel your business forward. If your partner missteps, it affects you immediately and, sometimes, causes you major setbacks. Earlier this year, one of JJ Fast Transportation’s (JJ Fast) partners caused such a stumble. Fortunately, TAFS stepped in to correct the situation and get JJ Fast back on track.

Finding the Solution

JJ Fast’s first meeting with their Relationship Specialist, Leslie, was complicated. According to Leslie, back then the account needed work. “Negative reserves, needing to hold money: that was my introduction to [Yadira]. We argued the very first conversation we had.”

There was a problem with the paperwork. Yadira, at JJ Fast, is devoted to her business; she is meticulous about her paperwork and invoicing. Nevertheless, her records did not match TAFS’. Leslie listened to Yadira’s complaints. “We helped her figure out why they were so negative,” says Leslie. By working together, Yadira and Leslie discovered one of JJ Fast’s independent dispatchers was fraudulently taking money from JJ Fast’s invoices without Yadira’s knowledge or permission. Armed with this knowledge, Yadira took action and Leslie removed the dispatcher from JJ Fast’s account. JJ Fast no longer uses that dispatcher.

Back in the Race

After learning about this situation, TAFS VP of Sales and Marketing, Amanda Villarreal said, “Stories like these reinforce our Noble Purpose. We are more than a typical factoring company; we are a true business partner.” JJ Fast is the perfect example of what it means to join the TAFS family. In the last 6 months, JJ Fast’s business took off. Taking advantage of TAFS’s plethora of discounts and services put money back in their pockets and allowed for rapid growth. They started with 1 truck in January and now they are operating with 4! JJ Fast is back in the lead and nothing is slowing them down. Not even child birth. “She [Yadira] is always on top of her aging and recourse,” says Leslie. “So on top of it that she was working and answering my calls when she getting pushed into the delivery room to give birth to her daughter.”

“The reason I enjoy working with TAFS is the communication,” says Yadira. “Leslie always tells us if something is going on. If I have a question or an issue, TAFS always finds the solution for me.”

We are grateful to JJ Fast for giving us the opportunity to be part of their company. We believe their continual growth will create a number of opportunities their employees, customers, and community.