Taking a look at the TAFS Noble Purpose

Interview with Josh Goode, VP of TAFS

What led to the creation of TAFS’ Noble Purpose: Trucking is a noble profession and truck drivers are noble people?

We wanted something that reflects who we are as a company. While we offer various types of financing, the vast majority of the business we do is within the transportation space. There are a lot of negative connotations associated with trucking and truck drivers. We want to change that and bring it to light that the trucking industry really is a noble profession and truck drivers are noble people.

How did the Noble Purpose influence/create TAFS’ casual atmosphere of comradery?

We made the decision about a year/year and a half ago to really formalize what our mission statement, vision, and core values were going to be as a company. All of the leadership team provided input on who they thought we were as a company and who we should be. The result lead to the Noble Purpose message in our mission statement, vision, and core values. To keep the message in front of our team members, we developed the monthly team lunches, where the leadership members go and have lunch on a monthly basis with a set group of individuals from various departments throughout the company. It creates a good opportunity to get feedback from team members on what is and is not working. We use this feedback to shape future decisions that result in a positive impact on TAFS’s culture and atmosphere.

The mission statement talks a lot about diversity. How is TAFS diverse and why do you think this is important for us as an organization?

Transportation, in general, has a very diverse makeup. If you look at our clients, you will find at least 50 countries represented. I feel it is important as an organization to get a very diverse group of viewpoints and I think the culture we have here embraces that. About a third of our staff is bilingual. We have individuals from all different walks of life and I think it works very well with client base that we have.

Did this diversity and the Noble Purple help develop the Relationship Specialist department and the individualized customer service that they provide to TAFS clients?

It’s important for everyone in TAFS to know what vision we’re trying to portray as an organization. If our team members see, at the high levels, who we want to be then it’s much easier for them to act in a way that is consistent with TAFS’s vision. I think having that noble purpose – having the core values, mission statement, and vision – gives our team members a baseline to go back to. TAFS sets out to “Deliver the Best Client Experience”. Whether you are onboarding a new team member, training or retraining an existing team member, start with that base and ask yourself, “Am I acting in a way that is consistent with the way we agreed to act as an organization?”