Hurricane Harvey isn’t a Match for Mr. Pap Logistics

The best aspect of the trucking industry is its people. We are a close-knit community. If you need help, there is always someone to give you a hand. Mr. Pap Logistics is a shining example of trucking’s nobility. Even when the chips were down, they still found a way to assist others.

Sheldon and Erica started their Houston-based company in 2014 and joined TAFS shortly afterward. While Rachel, in customer service, and Erica may not always see eye-to-eye, they have a strong working relationship and are able to find solutions to any issue. “I have worked with this client for 2 ½ years,” Rachel says. “They are not only my client; they are close to my heart, like family. Having worked with them for so long and building that relationship, I sincerely want to help them grow their business.” Before Hurricane Harvey, Rachel and Erica were working on expansion. Mr. Pap is currently operating with a lease truck, but would prefer to own. Rachel and TAFS were in the process of finding them a truck when Hurricane Harvey hit Houston.

Sheldon and Erica are Hurricane Katrina veterans and decided to ride out Harvey in their home. The first floor of their home took several feet of water damage, but everyone made it safely through the storms and floods. Determined to get back to work, Sheldon and Erica continued to work with TAFS until we found them a truck in their price range in Rockwall, TX. Now they can return the lease truck and start saving money by running their own larger truck doing FEMA loads. “Thanks for making the purchase of our new truck a smooth and memorable experience,” said Erica to Rachel. “We salute you.”

TAFS worked with Mr. Pap to expand their business. Now, Mr. Pap is working to help those devastated by Hurricane Harvey. A little kindness can reach a long way. We are thankful to Mr. Pap for what they are doing for the Hurricane Harvey victims and we are grateful for the opportunity to help them. The trucking industry is about the people, something Mr. Pap is proving every day.