Gulnoza Khakimova : Team Spotlight

At TAFS we strive to stay on the leading edge of today’s technology. We aspire to get our clients paid faster by investing in technology that creates an efficient and quick advancing process – in as little as a few minutes. We could not achieve this progress without a strong team committed to finding new ways to advance our technology and pushing the limits.  Gulnoza Khakimova, Salesforce and Mobile App Developer, is one of the driving forces behind creating the cutting edge technology at TAFS. Originally from Uzbekistan, Gulnoza moved to the heart of the Midwest, Olathe KS, with her husband, to pursue her master’s degree in software engineering. As fate would have it, after searching for jobs in the area, Gulnoza landed on TAFS for her next career move.

Gulnoza’s journey at TAFS did not start in the position she holds now as a Salesforce and Mobile App Developer. With her multilingual capabilities, Gulnoza first joined TAFS as a Customer Service Specialist, assisting TAFS’ Russian clients with their factoring and company needs. Although Gulnoza enjoyed the client interaction in her position, she felt that her skills would be best suited utilizing her main passion, software engineering. “TAFS doesn’t just give you an opportunity to move up, but also a chance to explore other departments that are better suited for your talents and skills. I was excited to switch to a role that challenged myself in an area I’m passionate about,” she adds. Gulnoza reflects on her past role as not a detour, but a stepping stone: “Being able to see the client’s perspective helped me gain a unique perspective on areas we could improve to create a superior advancing process for our company.” Gulnoza is as humble as she is skilled, when pressed for more details of her accomplishments. However, Chief Information Officer Justin is quick to give her the credit she deserves, stating “Gulnoza is always willing to learn a new technology to help the team out.  She has transitioned roles from Salesforce to Mobile to Robotics and now to Web development all in her first year.  I can always count on her to take on a new challenge.  We are lucky to have her on the team.”

With her out-of-the-box ideas and critical thinking skills, Gulnoza truly is an integral part of what makes TAFS so unique. From creating essential upgrades to the TAFS Mobile App to collaborating with her team on breakthrough technology, Gulnoza continues to find ways to help TAFS improve. When asked about advice she would share for newcomers to the transportation industry, Gulnoza said, “Don’t be afraid to jump in and learn. Even if the industry is new for you, your skills are needed and TAFS gives you endless opportunities to explore these opportunities and make an impact.” Thank you Gulnoza, for the impact you have made at TAFS; your ingenuity and unique skillset makes you  an indispensable asset to our team!