Game Day Snacks

Brought to You by Truckers

In America “The Big Game” means football and food. According to the USDA, this unofficial holiday is the 2nd largest food day of the year, with Thanksgiving taking the crown. Thank a truck driver. This day would not be possible without them.

Not only do truck drivers help stock the Stadium with hotdogs, pretzels, and beer, but they also stock the grocery stores, restaurants, and bars for the rest of us around the country. The National Chicken Council predicts we will consume 1.35 BILLION chicken wings on Sunday. That amounts to about 93 million pounds of chicken wings! And it doesn’t stop there.

Snacks Stats – What We Eat

Truck drivers ensure we have the food we like to consume during the big day.

We are a hungry nation and rely on truck drivers to keep our tables stocked. Truck drivers move about 70% of the nation’s goods. Can you imagine a football party with only 30% of the snacks? We’d be fighting over the last mozzarella stick. So, if you get the chance, thank a truck driver. Show them respect when you pass them on the road. They make this Sunday possible.