F2 Fuel Card | (Formally the TAFS Elite Fuel Card)


Now you can get excited about fuel prices! Discount fuel cards can be a major asset to your trucking business and can make a huge impact for owner-operators. The largest expense in the trucking industry is diesel fuel, by a landslide. In fact, the cost of diesel fuel purchases accounts for almost 40% of the total expenses associated with owning a trucking company. Statistics have shown that truck drivers with just one commercial truck can consume more than $70,000 per year in diesel fuel. Not all fuel programs are equal though. Some offer bigger fuel savings than others and restrict you to only fueling at certain travel centers. Some cards have other features and benefits that can help you run your business more efficiently. It is an important choice for your business. Discounts off the cash price at the pump mean that you can take a significant percentage off your diesel fuel costs. In addition to factoring TAFS has the F2 fuel card which is one of the top fuel cards in the industry because of its key partnerships which allow for some fantastic diesel fuel discounts. Now smaller fleets can get the discounts usually reserved for larger fleets. Who doesn’t like saving money?

Here is how the F2 Card can lower costs and take your operation to the next level:

Fuel Purchasing Solution
• Fleet-sized discounts off the cash price.
• Fuel at a variety of different truck stops, from large to small with great discounts. The discounted stops include: TA, Petro Stopping Centers, TA Express, the Ambest network, Capital Fuels, Casey’s General Store, Cash Magic, PWI/SunMart, Quick Fuel, Road Ranger, and Sapp Brothers.
• The mobile-friendly F2 Fuel Finder. You can utilize the F2 Fuel Finder to view a map that displays all of the discounted locations in the F2 Card Network with current pricing. The F2 Fuel Finder will help you find the best prices along your route or the best prices within a specified distance from your current location.
• You can apply for a line of credit or use a prepaid option.
• If you pump diesel, you can use this card. No authority or factoring contract required.

Total Control
• Set purchase limits in real-time and customize each driver’s account/card
• Best in class purchase and financial controls
• Superior fraud prevention tools
• No more check-cutting and/or petty cash for your drivers
• Driver/Vehicle customized reporting
• Easy IFTA tax reporting data

Mobile Access
• 24/7 online and mobile app card management access
• Mobile fuel finder: this new tool can show you live pricing at all the discounted stops around you, and can even help find the best price along your route.
• Monitor transactions and provide instant overrides
• View rejected transactions for proactive behavior coaching
• Issue or void MoneyCodes in real-time
• Driver mobile smartphone access

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