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We Have 1-Hour Advances! Get Paid 365 Days A Year!

About Us

TAFS Inc. is a full-service factoring company specializing in the purchase of accounts receivables from small to large size transportation companies. Our focus on client service allowed TAFS to quickly become a leader in the transportation factoring industry.

Contact us today at (913) 393-6100 for more information on how we can help your company boost profits and increase cash flow.

Our Benefits 

As a trucking company you have bills to pay. On average it takes 37 days to get paid from customers. Having a steady cash flow is important in keeping your business running. TAFS specializes in providing cash flow for carriers, but our goal is to give you tools to succeed in the industry. We assist companies nationwide with our unique trucking benefits that are designed to maximize profits and minimize expenses. 

1-Hour Advances

Need funds to get your next load? TAFS specializes in speedy funding. Once you deliver your load, upload your paperwork and get paid in as little as 1 hour*. We are also open for advancing 365 days a year!

Competitive Rates

We offer competitive factoring rates as low as 2.49% for 1 truck companies.** Have more trucks? Call us to get your custom factoring rate.

Open 365 Days a Year 

365 days a year, TAFS Factoring keeps your trucking business moving. No breaks, no holidays—just constant support for your cash flow needs.

Fuel Card

Choosing the right fuel card for your trucking business is an essential part of minimizing cost. With our discount fuel card you have access to thousands of locations nationwide with huge fuel discounts.

Business Loans 

Do you need extra funds to keep your business moving? As you become a factoring client of TAFS, you are eligible to apply for business loans for anything from fuel funds to repairs and even equipment purchases. 


Are you looking to increase your trucking company’s revenue? Start by analyzing where you find loads. Get higher paying freight with the help of our professional dispatch team.

What Our Customers Are Saying


“This company has very strong passion to make sure you’re doing good with your business. And this company, I feel like was the best decision for me. Thanks again, Juan for not stopping to pursue me to join TAFS. I feel like I’m dealing with some honest people that have my back in this trucking game.“


– Preston H., Owner


We’ve been working with TAFS for no less than three years and I am very pleased. Same day advances and great customer service! Very friendly, responsible, and professional. Leadership is great and has come to visit us a couple of times and made us feel like family. I would not change a thing.


– Rosa B., Owner/Operator


We have at least 3 factoring companies call us weekly to offer their services to us. When we discuss their offering to us and share with them what we currently have, they regularly end the call by telling us that we have a good deal and that they can’t beat it.


– Mike W., Owner/Operator

F2 Fuel Card 


Fueling Cost Savings

The F2 Fuel Card isn’t just about discounts—it’s about substantial savings, providing fleet-sized discounts at nearly 2,000 truck stops nationwide. With savings usually exclusive to larger fleets, this card redefines efficiency.

Versatility & Accessibility

No restrictions on diesel purchases and no need for a factoring contract. Choose between a line of credit or a prepaid option. Gain unparalleled control over expenses without compromise.

Advanced Control & Management

The FleetAdvance mobile app allows real-time monitoring, spending limits, and customization for each driver’s card. From IFTA tax reporting to fleet management, this card streamlines operations.

Advanced Control & Management

Simplify expense tracking and payroll with the F2 Fuel Card. Provide per diems, fuel advances, and reimbursements with ease. Ensure transparency and compliance while minimizing risks.

Empowering Your Business

Fuel shouldn’t hinder growth. Take control of expenses and elevate your trucking operation with the F2 Fuel Card. Apply now or connect with our experts to find your ideal fuel solution.

*1-Hour Advancing is an option. Timing of advancing on approved invoices is approximate and can fluctuate, and is not guaranteed.

**May not apply to box trucks, pilot cars and brokers.