Commercial Semi Truck Insurance

Why Do you Need Trucking Insurance?

There are a lot of things to consider before hitting the road in this industry. One of those key factors is trucking insurance. Not only to make sure that you are legally compliant, but also that you have adequate peace of mind that your company is properly protected. As you may know, trucking insurance costs much more than your personal car insurance. Actually, acquiring and paying for insurance is one of the biggest obstacles in the trucking industry. It’s also mandatory.

With around 500,000 trucking accidents occurring every year the streets and highways throughout our country can prove to be very uncertain places. Each and every time we use them there is a risk at hand. Especially for people like you that depend on them for your company to be successful. You can mitigate these risks by selecting coverage that will provide you with optimized protection geared towards your companies needs. TAFS has key commercial truck insurer partners that know how to properly evaluate your business’ needs.

There is a lot to consider when looking into trucking insurance. It can prove to be a daunting task, to say the least. Make the wrong choice and you could find yourself inadequately protected after an accident leaving your company vulnerable with an uncertain future. This is why TAFS has done the homework with you in mind and made strategic partnerships with commercial trucking insurers that have your best interest as a priority.

Truck Insurance Cost

If you haven’t evaluated your insurance premium, the time is now.

One of our key insurance partners is Thrive Commercial Truck Insurance.

With the premiums for trucking insurance on the rise, it is vital that you evaluate your options now. If not, you could easily get locked in with higher payments when you renew. TAFS knows the trucking industry in and out, which has given us the advantage of building strong relationships with key partners like Thrive, in commercial trucking insurance. Their team of forward-thinking insurance advisers offer a diverse portfolio of coverage options through a wide range of insurance carriers to get you great coverage and dependability at a rate you deserve. TAFS is proud to pass this advantage on to you to help your company grow.

Have you heard of insurance down payment assistance? This is where down payment assistance comes into play, and is a service we offer exclusively to existing clients of TAFS. This allows you to acquire the insurance you need and get to work now instead of breaking the bank upfront.

Why does TAFS care? Well, trucking is our business and for TAFS to succeed we need the you to succeed. TAFS genuinely cares about the trucking industry and everyone that keeps it moving forward. Working with the right people like a reputable commercial truck insurer can make a world of difference for your company. TAFS wants to aid you in your success.

Why waste any more time paying more than you should when you might not even be properly covered to protect your company? Let TAFS bridge that gap for you, placing you with trucking insurance professionals that have the experience and knowledge to not only get you properly covered and protected but at a fair rate.

Talk to an expert at Thrive Commercial Truck Insurance today, and tell them TAFS sent you!