Chad Govier

Beyond the Steering Wheel

Following in your father’s footsteps is something few people choose to do. But, for Chad Govier, his father’s career as a flatbed trucker led to his passion for the industry and a satisfying career. Chad became a truck driver himself and eventually took his career a step further – moving beyond the steering wheel.

Chad is a Sales & Dispatch Agent for ProDispatch, a division of TAFS. He primarily works with brokers and carriers: negotiating rates for his carriers, submitting paperwork, ensuring on-time delivery, finding and booking loads, and, ultimately, keeping his drivers moving. ProDispatch provides nationwide dispatching services to Owner-Operators that haul flatbed, refrigerated, power only, and dry van loads. Chad’s background in trucking and the military has set him up for success at ProDispatch, developing his pride for the industry and his determination to help others.

In 1990, Chad joined the military where he served 8 years in the Navy as a Firefighter and Chemical, Biological, and Radiological Warfare Specialist. After the Navy, Chad spent another 12 years in the Army as a Military Police Officer before transitioning to a Combat Medic Orthopedic Specialist. In 1996, Chad got his CDL and utilized it on both the military and civilian side. “In the military, I learned to always put the mission first whatever that was. You must drive through whatever obstacle arises to achieve your goal. I learned to rely on myself even when I doubted my abilities and to find a way to get the job done and get home.” Chad retired from the military in 2010 and drove until 2014 hauling primarily construction materials on a flatbed.

Chad continued his career into the trucking industry because of his desire to continue serving the public. “Chad truly has a passion for what he does. He comes to work every day ready to make a difference in his carriers’ lives. He constantly goes above and beyond to help in any way possible and takes pride in the success of his carriers”, said Sara Waxmonski, Manager of ProDispatch.

Chad believes that building strong relationships with his drivers and brokers is key to a successful partnership. This is more than a driver-dispatcher relationship. Chad treats them as if they are his family. “I have drivers that say, ‘I own the truck and trailer [but] Chad runs it’. I take pride in when my drivers have trust in me to be an integral part of their business.” Chad’s advice for newcomers in the industry is fundamental – “Educate yourself. We have so much information in the palms of our hands that there is no excuse to not try to educate yourself. Learn about the equipment. The lack of preparation is a truck driver’s worst enemy. The more you can do to prepare yourself for whatever scenario, the better chance you have at being successful.”

Chad’s experiences forged him into the type of individual every organization dreams of employing. We are thankful for his noble dedication to the industry and his passion for his work. Thank you Chad, for being a part of our family. We appreciate everything you do!