Navigate the trucking industry with these money-saving tips.Navigating a business within the trucking industry can be tricky. Do not run yourself down with bad business practices. Check out these money-saving tips.

How to Handle a Freight Claim

How to Handle A Freight Claim Freight claims are an unpleasant reality in the trucking industry. From improperly loaded freight to accidents, there are several reasons why a consignee may come after you to reclaim their cargo’s monetary loss. Prepare yourself for this eventuality and know your rights. [...]

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Port Hauling and the TWIC Card

Port Hauling and the TWIC Card A large portion of America’s imported and exported goods move through maritime ports. Whether the cargo is coming or going, it falls on truck drivers to get freight where it needs to go. However, ports have very strict security. The Transportation Security Administration [...]

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