Navigate the trucking industry with these money-saving tips.Navigating a business within the trucking industry can be tricky. Do not run yourself down with bad business practices. Check out these money-saving tips.

Tips for Finding Freight on a Load Board

Tips for Finding Freight on a Load Board Load boards are a versatile tool. You can advertise your truck’s availability to brokers or search for suitable loads yourself. However, a load board’s most important quality is its insight into current trucking/lane market trends. Knowing how to read a load [...]

Factoring vs. Quick Pay

Factoring vs Quick Pay In the trucking industry, customers typically wait 30-90 days after the load delivers to pay the trucking company. However, most companies can’t wait 3 months for a paycheck, especially when margins are so thin and there are immediate demands like fuel, tires, and truck maintenance. [...]

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