About Kimberly Pavel

Kimberly is the Online Marketing Coordinator for TransAm Trucking and its subsidiaries.

Tips for Finding Freight on a Load Board

Tips for Finding Freight on a Load Board Load boards are a versatile tool. You can advertise your truck’s availability to brokers or search for suitable loads yourself. However, a load board’s most important quality is its insight into current trucking/lane market trends. Knowing how to read a load [...]

Factoring vs. Quick Pay

Factoring vs Quick Pay In the trucking industry, customers typically wait 30-90 days after the load delivers to pay the trucking company. However, most companies can’t wait 3 months for a paycheck, especially when margins are so thin and there are immediate demands like fuel, tires, and truck maintenance. [...]

By | January 22nd, 2018|Factoring Tips, Trucking Business Tips|1 Comment

More than Freight Factoring

More than Freight Factoring It is widely known that you should not mix family with business. But what about when business becomes family? TAFS offers more than simple freight factoring. We have team members who get involved and take an interest in you and your business. TAFS Relationship Specialist, [...]

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