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Kimberly is the Online Marketing Coordinator for TransAm Trucking and its subsidiaries.

Preventive Maintenance Schedule Setup

Preventive Maintenance Setting Up a Schedule Preventive maintenance isn’t just necessary, it’s mandatory. According to the FMCSA Regulations, Section §396.3, “Every motor carrier and intermodal equipment provider must systematically inspect, repair, and maintain, or cause to be systematically inspected, repaired, and maintained, all motor vehicles and intermodal equipment subject [...]

Fixing the Driver Shortage

How Would You Fix The Driver Shortage Complaints about the driver shortage sound like a broken record. As e-commerce demands increase and the current driver force nears retirement, questions about the shortage’s economic impact are becoming more frequent. At the moment, only the trucking industry feels the effects.  Freight [...]

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How to Handle a Freight Claim

How to Handle A Freight Claim Freight claims are an unpleasant reality in the trucking industry. From improperly loaded freight to accidents, there are several reasons why a consignee may come after you to reclaim their cargo’s monetary loss. Prepare yourself for this eventuality and know your rights. [...]

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