Jessica Kyles

Consistency is Key

The first thing that you notice about Jessica Kyles is her smile. The second thing you notice after about five minutes of talking to Jessica is how passionate she is about her job. After almost three years of working at TAFS, Jessica has proved herself to be an indispensable part of the team. Her attention to detail and hard work ethic did not go unnoticed and she was promoted quickly from Verification to Buy Specialist in March of 2016. At TAFS, we work to have every client advanced, and Jessica helps our clients get advanced not only quickly but efficiently with no errors. To give insight on Jessica’s position, the definition would read – “A Buy Specialist is responsible for auditing all invoices received by our clients, as well as reviewing and processing buyout invoices and first advancing invoices.” But to simplify it, Jessica adds, “My department is the first line of defense, we make sure drivers get paid on time, and that there are no errors on the paperwork that would prevent TAFS from getting paid.”  With over 60 invoices reviewed per hour, Jessica applies herself to making sure the TAFS advancing process is running efficiently at all times.

After understanding the steps that go into being a Buy Specialist, it is clear that it takes undivided focus and attention to detail to be successful at her position. So where does this dedication to her position stem from? “The reason I love my job, is simply because of the people around me. They are not only my coworkers, they are my family,” Jessica says.  Besides her team environment, her passion also derives from her appreciation and understanding of the trucking industry. Based in a family of trucking, her father, father-in–law, and husband have all had careers as truck drivers. Jessica has developed an empathy for TAFS clients because she understands the hard work they put into their jobs every day. “Something I learned from my family in the trucking industry, is that it’s a very tedious job, you not only have to pay attention to the road and your driving, but also be aware of other drivers on the road that don’t always follow the rules. Trucking requires concentration. I admire that.”

Jessica carries that same type of concentration into her positon at TAFS every day. Her positive attitude and consistent work ethic inspires many around her. Andrea Dorado, Director of Operation seconds this opinion, saying, “Jessica exemplifies our noble purpose each day by going above and beyond to make sure our clients’ invoices are processed in a timely manner. Jessica is truly dedicated to her team and TAFS, and this is demonstrated by her daily actions.  Jessica is always ready to help her team and has a positive attitude that is infectious.  We are so proud to have Jessica as a part of our team, and appreciate all of her hard work and dedication!”

Jessica’s consistency and work ethic definitely shines in her role at TAFS.  Thank you for everything that you do, Jessica. We are grateful to have you as a part of the team; your infectious spirit and perseverance adds to not only the TAFS community, but also the industry as a whole.